Let Your Endorphins Run Wild: 6 Must-See Destinations for Your Next Running Retreat

No matter how seriously you take your running, pounding the trails amid nature’s finest creations across the globe is a great way to push your body and ease your mind. Running retreats give you the opportunity to meet other mindful runners, stretch your skills, and enjoy a change of scenery. Next time you feel the urge to break free from your usual running routine or feel the need for some help improving your technique, a running retreat in one of these sublime settings is just what the doctor ordered...

Costa Rica

A trip to the Central American country of Costa Rica for a running retreat promises epic trail running, yoga, mindfulness, healthy food, and culture whilst immersed in the splendor of its tropical setting. When you sign up for a week of coached running and yoga practice at a retreat, pounding the trails past secluded waterfalls and through lush rainforests, you sign up for a thrilling and uplifting experience.

Post-run activities at retreats such as sunrise flow yoga, reflective mediation, natural spa activities, and recovery time spent in a hammock make connecting with yourself, nature, and like-minded individuals simple and natural.


The north Atlantic nation of Iceland boasts some epic trail running through terrain known for its contrasting themes of both fire and ice. Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, and attending a running retreat here allows you to explore its wide-open spaces whilst surrounded by stillness and quietness. Epic volcanoes inspire you as you run, while the country’s many natural geothermic pools soothe post-run aching muscles.

While the winter sees the night skies lit up in the emerald hues of the Northern Lights, the summer thaw sees the greener south at its best. The powerful healing energy of this vibrant, wild landscape’s geothermic activity makes it an ideal location to take your running up to the next level.


Whether you’re training for the New York Marathon or looking for a change of scenery for your daily runs, running retreats in the African nation of Kenya will not disappoint. Running retreats in Kenya can be a transformative experience for many reasons. First and foremost, Kenya's stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife make it an ideal location to hit the trails. Running through the Great Rift Valley, along the sparkling-blue Indian Ocean, and through local villages can offer a unique and immersive experience for runners, and learning ‘the Kenyan way’ can help you improve your times.

Combining yoga and running at retreats in Kenya can offer a holistic experience for participants. Yoga before running can help improve flexibility, balance, and mental focus, while the running provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. Moreover, practicing yoga amid the tranquil and awe-inspiring surroundings of Kenya can deepen the spiritual and meditative aspects of the practice.


Portugal's mild climate and diverse terrain make it an ideal location for a slew of outdoor activities, including running and surfing. The running takes place on a variety of terrains, from coastal paths to mountain trails, and you can explore Portugal's scenic landscapes and enjoy its natural beauty as you connect with nature.

Running retreats in Portugal also offer opportunities for cultural exchange. Portugal's rich history, architecture, and cuisine are unique and diverse, and retreats often include educational activities and workshops to help participants learn about the local culture and customs.

Running retreats in Portugal are suitable for all levels of runners, and retreats may offer individual training programs and coaching sessions to suit your needs. Whether you’re training for a long-distance event or just looking to push your limits in lush European surroundings, Portugal’s running retreats can help you achieve your goals.

The West Coast of the US (Ca, AZ, Oregon & CO)

Running retreats on the west coast of the USA offer a unique experience in different states like California, Arizona, Oregon, and Colorado. In California, retreats can take place in iconic locations like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego, providing superb coastal running opportunities. Arizona's desert terrain and warm weather make it a perfect destination for winter retreats, while Oregon's forests and mountains offer a stunning backdrop for trail running.

Running retreats in Colorado can offer challenging and scenic runs in the Rocky Mountains, complemented by activities like pre-run yoga, nutrition workshops, and meditation. The array of running retreats on the west coast of the USA offer a diverse range of terrain, climates, and cultural experiences, making it an ideal destination for runners of all levels seeking a unique and enriching retreat experience.

The United Kingdom

Running retreats in the UK can be a fantastic experience, offering a range of scenic and challenging terrains to explore. The Lake District, Snowdonia, and Cairngorms are all popular destinations for runners, with breath-taking mountain ranges, hills, and forests to traverse. These locations offer stunning scenery and a peaceful atmosphere, making them ideal for retreats focused on relaxation and rejuvenation.

In Northern Ireland, the Giant's Causeway provides a unique and awe-inspiring backdrop for running. The rugged coastline and rolling green hills in this region offer a diverse range of trails to explore, while the peaceful countryside lends itself well to pre-run mindful meditation.

Our Final Thoughts...

Each of these fantastic locations offers a unique blend of scenic beauty, cultural experiences, and challenging terrain, making them ideal for runners seeking a memorable retreat experience. Whether it's exploring the rugged coastlines and mountain ranges of the west coast of the USA or enjoying the natural beauty of Portugal's diverse terrain, there is a retreat to suit all runner's interests and preferences. Retreats in Kenya, Iceland, and Costa Rica offer opportunities for cultural immersion and unique running experiences, from running with Kenyan athletes to exploring the volcanic landscapes of Iceland. Overall, running retreats in these destinations offer an excellent opportunity to improve fitness, explore new terrain, and enjoy the unique beauty and culture of each location while boosting your mental and physical wellbeing.


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