Best Girl’s Getaways & Wellness Retreats

Looking for the ultimate escape with your closest friends? Whether you're craving adventure, relaxation, or a blend of both, our selection of the best girl's getaways and wellness retreats has something for everyone. From the tranquil beauty of Hawaii's wellness retreats to the exhilarating rock climbing adventures in Mexico, these curated experiences promise unforgettable memories and transformative moments. Embark on a healing journey with horses in Costa Rica, tackle the rugged trails of Norway, or rejuvenate with a dance retreat in Portugal. Dive into our top picks for girl's getaways and wellness retreats and find the perfect retreat to refresh your mind, body, and soul...

'Embrace Your Beauty': Makeup & Self-Care Retreat in Honolulu

Indulge in the 'Embrace Your Beauty' Makeup & Self-Care Retreat in Honolulu, a luxurious escape designed to enhance your self-image and confidence. This retreat offers daily yoga classes, meditations, and guided self-care practices to promote a positive mind-body-spirit connection. Engage in group makeup lessons, skincare sessions, and beauty workshops to encourage authentic self-expression and a deeper appreciation of your natural beauty.

Enjoy a serene five-night stay at a five-star oceanfront resort with access to luxury amenities, including a private beach, outdoor pool, fitness center, and spa services. Included in the retreat are daily yoga classes, group excursions, specialized workshops, and delicious meals. This retreat provides a supportive environment for women to explore self-care and beauty, leaving you refreshed and empowered in the tranquil setting of the Hawaiian Islands.

Dates: 11/9/2024 - 11/14/2024 & 5/17/2025 - 5/23/2025

Women’s Adventure Retreat in Vermont

The Adventure Retreat in Vermont offers a unique escape into the beauty of the Green Mountains while staying at the exclusive Trout Club. This historic, private fishing club provides luxury accommodations and access to some of Vermont’s best hiking and biking trails, as well as excellent fishing. Surrounded by nature and tucked beside a private lake, this retreat ensures a rejuvenating and tranquil getaway.

Activities cater to all abilities, with options for hiking, biking, canoeing, and yoga designed to awaken the senses. Each day includes morning yoga, gourmet family-style breakfasts, and various outdoor adventures. Participants can enjoy free time for swimming, reading, or relaxing on the wrap-around porch. The retreat also includes tours of local attractions like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory, Cold Hollow Cider Mill, and Cabot Creamery Annex. With delicious meals, guided excursions, and ample opportunities for relaxation, this Vermont retreat promises a fulfilling and restorative experience.

Dates: 9/7/2024 - 9/12/2024

“Own It” Women’s Climbing Retreat in Mexico

The "Own It" Women’s Climbing Retreat in Mexico offers a transformative six-day experience focused on female empowerment and camaraderie. Women supporting women while climbing creates special bonds and enhances the leader-belayer relationship. This retreat fosters an environment where ideas and strategies flow seamlessly, allowing participants to build upon each other’s strengths and form a cohesive, supportive group.

Participants will climb classic routes at three world-class destinations, gaining a thorough understanding of climbing skills and self-sufficiency under the guidance of top PCGI and AMGA instructors. The retreat emphasizes safety, proficiency, and modern climbing standards, ensuring women leave confident in their abilities. Inclusive accommodations, catered meals, and transportation are provided, making it an ideal setting for women to connect, learn, and grow together.

Dates: Several dates available throughout the year

Healing the Divine Feminine with Horses in Costa Rica

The Healing the Divine Feminine with Horses Retreat in Costa Rica offers a horseback journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the Central American jungle. Set in a serene sanctuary, this retreat blends the wisdom of ancient sages with modern healing practices. Guided by expert horsewoman Terry Newton, equine yoga instructor Enrica, and functional nutritional therapist Jessica Turner, participants will reconnect with their inner light through equine therapy, yoga, and holistic nutrition.

Participants will engage in various activities, including morning yoga classes, equine healing sessions, Thai massage, and sound healing under the Tree of Life. The retreat also includes practical tools for hormonal balance, beach sunrise yoga, and swimming with horses in the Caribbean. This unique blend of activities aims to nurture the mind, body, and spirit, offering a transformative and rejuvenating escape amidst the lush tropics of Costa Rica.

Dates: 8/10/2024 - 8/17/2024

All-Inclusive Ladies Portugal Bootcamp

The All-Inclusive Ladies Portugal Bootcamp offers a perfect blend of fitness, relaxation, and fun in the stunning Algarve. Set in a luxurious seven-bedroom villa with a private pool, this retreat ensures a stress-free experience from arrival to departure. Participants will enjoy a wide range of fitness classes tailored to all ages and abilities, with up to six hours of training daily, including box fit, circuits, HIIT, core, and beach sessions. Expert trainers provide full support, along with workshops on lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise, while an in-house chef prepares delicious meals catering to all dietary requirements.

Afternoons are reserved for relaxation, allowing participants to unwind by the pool or explore nearby beaches, marinas, and Albufeira Old Town. Social activities, including evenings out and excursions, add to the fun and camaraderie. With full-body assessments at the beginning and end of the week, this bootcamp guarantees noticeable results and a memorable fitness holiday.

Dates: Several dates available

All-Women Hiking Weekend in Norway

Join an empowering adventure tailored exclusively for women with the Hiking Weekend in Norway. This breathtaking getaway, led by an inspiring female guide, offers a celebration of camaraderie and nature's beauty. Traverse the majestic Norwegian fjords, cascading waterfalls, and towering mountains while forming connections with like-minded women. The experienced guide will provide valuable insights, encouragement, and a sense of sisterhood throughout the journey, ensuring a supportive and enriching experience.

This hiking weekend offers more than just physical adventure; it is a chance to connect deeply with nature and tap into inner strength. Enjoy three nights of accommodation in the center of Molde, with simple, comfortable rooms and vegan, gluten-free meal options. The retreat includes guided hikes, transportation, and personal attention to ensure a seamless and inspiring Nordic hiking adventure.

Dates: 8/9/2024 - 8/12/2024 & 8/30/2024 - 9/2/2024

Canyon Ranch Tucson Trail Running & Wellness Retreat

The Canyon Ranch Tucson Trail Running & Wellness Retreat offers a personalized blend of fitness, mindfulness, and self-care in the stunning Sonoran Desert. This retreat combines daily guided mindful runs on beautiful desert trails with options for fitness classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, rejuvenating spa treatments, and soothing energy healing. Tailored to both novice and experienced trail runners, participants will learn techniques to enhance running efficiency and joy while enjoying a relaxed, social pace.

Participants will also benefit from stress relief, improved sleep, and mental clarity, making wellness an integral part of daily life rather than an occasional reward. The retreat includes three nights in a deluxe room, meals at high-quality restaurants, access to extensive resort amenities, and resort credit for spa or training sessions. With a focus on creating sustainable, healthy habits, this retreat provides the tools and inspiration needed for ongoing self-care and stress management.

Dates: 11/14/2024 - 11/17/2024

Women’s Dance Retreat in Portugal

Join the invigorating Dance Retreat for Women at a private lodge in Praia de Luz, Portugal. This retreat offers an all-inclusive package featuring comfortable accommodations, daily dance classes, yoga sessions, meditations, and an exciting excursion. Participants will enjoy three delicious meals per day, along with snacks and 24/7 access to coffee and tea. Airport transfers are also included, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

The retreat promises a rejuvenating environment where women from around the world can connect, unwind, and enjoy a range of activities. The lodge provides a serene setting for shared accommodations and healthy meals, making it an ideal getaway for relaxation and self-discovery. With all regular program activities, lectures, and workshops included, this retreat is designed to nurture the body and soul through dance, movement, and camaraderie.

Dates: 10/26/2024 - 11/1/2024

Fly Fishing and Yoga Experience in Wyoming

The unique Fly Fishing and Yoga Experience in Saratoga, Wyoming, takes place as a rejuvenating three-night, two-day retreat. Enjoy daily yoga sessions, unlimited access to private hot springs, and fly fishing basics, ensuring you leave with confidence and knowledge. The retreat includes a deluxe double room at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort, hot springs access, and essential fly fishing gear. Enhance your stay with optional activities like golf or relaxing massages.

Participants can choose from various packages, including beginner-friendly options and guided float trips. All packages include a swag bag and some meals, with the option to explore local cuisine. Guided fishing on Day 2 includes lunch served on the water. Whether opting for a Fly Fishing 101 clinic or full days of guided fishing, this retreat promises relaxation, skill-building, and lasting connections amidst the beautiful Wyoming landscape.

Dates: Mulitple dates available

Iceland Hiking with Viking Women Retreat

At the Iceland Hiking with Viking Women Retreat, participants are inspired by the fierce Valkyries from Norse mythology, symbolizing power and strength. This retreat takes you on a mindful hiking journey through the Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Range, where you traverse volcanic landscapes and gentle trails. With each step on the treeless ridges, you'll feel the rhythmic crunch beneath your feet, fostering a sense of daring and adventure.

Daily hikes range from four to eight miles, with trails varying from easy to challenging, ensuring a fulfilling experience for all fitness levels. Guided by expert Icelandic guides, you'll navigate through glacier-carved valleys and river canyons, embracing the variable Icelandic weather. The retreat includes accommodations, meals, guided hikes, and access to the famed hot springs and geothermal baths of the Land of Fire and Ice as you connect with your inner Viking goddess.

Dates: 7/30/2024 - 8/5/2024

Kitesurfing in Rhodes, Greece

The Kitesurfing in Rhodes Retreat takes in some of the best kitesurfing in the Mediterranean. The Greek island of Rhodes offers consistent winds, stunning kite spots, and a vibrant atmosphere. Located in Kremasti, near Rhodes Town, the retreat takes place at Kremasti Beach, known for its safe side-shore winds, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced riders. The Air Riders Kite Pro Center ensures a perfect day at the beach with a wide launching area, rescue service, and relaxing facilities.

Each day starts with a body-and-mind workout, followed by one or two kitesurfing sessions where participants can build confidence and enhance their skills. Beyond kitesurfing, the retreat includes plant-based cooking classes, empowerment activities, and personal development workshops that aim to empower women and build a strong sisterhood of kite enthusiasts.

Dates: 6/22/2024 - 6/29/2024

Our Final Thoughts...

These girls' retreats offer a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and empowerment, making them the ultimate choices for women seeking memorable getaways. From the serene beaches of Hawaii to the rugged trails of Iceland and the dynamic kitesurfing spots of Greece, each destination promises unique experiences and lifelong connections. Don’t miss the chance to rejuvenate, challenge yourself, and form lasting bonds with like-minded women. Get in touch now to reserve your place at one of these exceptional retreats before it’s too late!


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