Best Surfing Retreats to Check Out Across the Globe

Calling all surfers. Are you looking for your next big wave and your next surfing getaway? Be sure to check out these 15 surfing retreats that let you trade the hustle and bustle of touristy destinations and crowded beaches for truly awesome surfing destinations and getaways that blend great waves with a little bit of zen.

Whether you are looking to head to the unspoiled shores of Costa Rica and the Philippines or the stunning coastline of Australia, these surfing retreats will not disappoint. So, if you are a beginner or a pro, a solo traveler or looking to catch up with friends-- grab your board, pack your things and get ready for a truly unforgettable surfing adventure.

All-Inclusive Surf Camp Package in Playa Venao, Panama

Catch a wave in Playa Venao at this All-Inclusive Surf Camp.

Whether you're taking your first dip in the surf or ready to elevate your skills, Playa Venao is the ultimate destination for your next surf vacation. With waves all year round, an exceptionally uncrowded line-up, and a warm, welcoming community, Playa Venao is among the world's best-kept secrets.

At this all-inclusive surf resort, everything Is wrapped up in one affordable package – from surf lessons and board rentals to beachfront accommodations, nourishing meals, airport transfers, surf photography, and more.

The soft, sandy bottom and uniquely uncrowded line-up offer a safe and comfortable learning environment, while Playa Venao's expansive beach provides numerous breaks suited for all skill levels. Take advantage of expert coaches that will guide you along the way and ensure you gain the confidence and skills needed to experience the thrill of riding the waves.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Best Surf Retreat in Mentawai, Indonesia 

With the wave, Pitstops, right out front, just 35 feet from your bungalow (you can watch the waves from your bed), 5 more breaks within easy walking distance and with two high speed long boats to get you into any one of more than 25 waves in the area, you’ll be surfing way more than you imagined on this Surf Retreat in Mentawai, Indonesia.

Whether you’re a charger searching for the wave of your life, a solo traveler, a frothing grom, on a girls-only surf trip, travelling as a family, a logging long-boarder, father-son trips or of course a group of mates, they will cater this trip to your surfing level. The huge variety of wave types in this region means that you can surf fun waves or even if you’re up for the challenge, some charger waves.

Stay in a surf resort in the Playgrounds region of Mentawai and know that you’re in good hands when it comes to finding the best waves available during your stay. Flexible departures available.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Surf Camp Expedition in Lanzarote, Spain

Head to this Surf Camp Expedition in Lanzarote--and dive into one of the best places to learn to surf. Lanzarote has a mix of waves of all sizes--making it perfect for all levels. Enjoy, great weather year-round, white sandy beaches, awesome landscapes and unforgettable sunsets. Here, you'll find warm water-so you can focus on fully enjoying your surfing experience.

You'll be staying and surfing at the Caleta de Famara, a natural environment of beaches and cliffs. Learn from qualified professionals with extensive experience. Flexible departures throughout the year.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Surfing in Zanzibar

Zanzibar as a surf destination has not yet peaked major interest because surf times are restricted and the consistency of waves is not always guaranteed. But with the right guides on this Zanzibar Surfing Retreat, you can enjoy a truly amazing surfing adventure.

Now, Zanzibar is probably not for everyone. If you want to surf from dawn til dusk with easily accessible waves--this is probably not the trip for you. But if you are a beginner and low-level intermediate who wants to learn and improve in a beautiful destination with consistent beginner-friendly conditions minus all the crowds-then this is a great trip. And you are an intermediate and advanced surfer who likes chasing fun waves and good vibes and you are up for a mix of surfing, relaxing and exploring-then this is also a great surf destination you'll definitely want to check out. Flexible departures available.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Gold Coast Surf & Yoga Island Experience

Head to Australia for this Gold Coast Surf and Yoga Retreat.

After a morning of yoga, you'll hit the waves for some surfing along the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast. For beginners they offer 1 lesson daily, for intermediate surfers they offer surf guiding and coaching along with video analysis. And for advanced surfers, they offer the most extensive coaching service with legendary coach Clayton Nienaber who used to coach the South African team and the likes of Jordy Smith and co. Advanced coaching can be customed to suit your needs.

This camp is located on the beautiful South Stradbroke Island at Couran Cove Resort. You'll stay in eco-friendly villas in a tranquil & tropical surrounding

Dates: Flexible Departures

Free Surfer Experience in Tamraght, Morocco

Head to Morocco for this Free-Surfer Experience. You get full access to high-quality surf equipment to use in your own time and to take on any surf trips during your stay. Staying in our beautiful Moroccan Surf House you’ll get breakfast every morning and traditional Moroccan dinner in the evening. 

The surf house is found along a 10km stretch of white sand blissful African beach in the small Berber village of Tamraght; the hostel boasts a lush traditional design with local furnishings accumulated over the years fused with growing surfing influences from the area. You can choose to stay in a range of rooms from 6-bed dorms to 2-bed private rooms and private rooms for solo travelers!

They offer great courses for beginners and also cater to more advanced surfers as well.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Surf, Yoga, Fitness & Adventure in Siargao Island, Philippines

Experience a week of exhilarating surf sessions, restorative yoga classes, invigorating fitness activities, and authentic cultural excursions on this Surf, Fitness and Yoga Retreat in Siargao, all while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Siargao Island. Soak up the sun on pristine uncrowded beaches, savor delicious and healthy meals, and connect with like-minded people who share the same passion for growth, wellness, and exploration.

The small teardrop shaped island is known for its raw and uncrowded beaches, covered with a sea of palm trees, crystal-clear waters, world-class waves, laidback vibes, and year-round warm tropical water temperatures. It is also home to the big smiles and unparalleled hospitality, making it one of the best places in the world to embark on a surfing and wellness adventure.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Best Surf Camp in Sri Lanka

Travel in time from a 2000-year-old culture to nowadays, visiting from ancient mystic temples to colonial fortresses; immerse in the rainforest and tea fields through a charming train ride; be thunderstruck by watching large groups of elephants. 

It´s the perfect place for surf lovers, to connect with your inner self or enjoy the culture, nature, and gastronomy that this amazing country has ready for you. 

Surf and enjoy daily Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes. This Surf Camp in Sri Lanka is geared for groups and solo travelers of all levels.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Surf & Yoga Retreat in Sintra, Portugal

Join a group of passionate surfers who believe surfing can be a very spiritual experience and a great way to exercise in Nature. The core of this program is the yoga and meditation practice. Saltwater has a very cleansing quality and this is a fun way to spend 2 hours daily in the Ocean.

All programs happen at the same time and it is not uncommon to have participants take part in yoga and meditation as well as surfing. You'll have access to one of the best surf schools in the area. Enjoy some great waves and zen vibes at this Surf and Yoga Retreat in Sintra. Flexible departures available.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Surf & Yoga in France

Sorry guys, this Surf, Yoga and Culinary Retreat in France is just for women. Hosted in a traditional Basque château, overlooking the Pyrenees in Bidart, the surf beaches are just a short 10–15-minute walk away.

Enjoy amazing French cuisine, daily yoga and surf lessons with great company in this retreat that will be completely tailored to your skill level. Solo travelers welcome.

Dates: June 15 to June 22, 2024

Beginner Surf Camp in Portugal

The Surfcamp in Portugal is made for beginners and for all who want to learn everything about surfing, waves, equipment and the sea. You'll hit the best beaches so you can ride your first whitewater waves – and possibly even small waves at the end of the week.

Every day is divided into half a day of surfing and theory and half a day free. Two days a week you'll also be able to enjoy a 90-minute yoga session.

Enjoy great company, expert guides and a relaxing week away at this week-long surf getaway. Flexible departures are also available.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Surf Camp in Costa Rica

Nosara Surfers Costa Rica Beach

Imagine yourself surfing a pristine 7 km long beach break surrounded by some of the lushest rainforest hills on earth. This is one of the best Surf Coaching Camps in Costa Rica with consistent & quality surfy for beginners and intermediates alike. You'll also be able to take in Costa Rica's incredible jungles complete with sloths, monkeys, toucans and more.

Grab a surfboard and walk 5 minutes through the thick jungle to Guiones beach for your personalized surf class after a fresh, organic breakfast. Back home, a professional surf coach will analyze your surfing videos, helping you quickly improve your technique while you sip on a fresh smoothie. After your afternoon restorative yoga session, you feel relaxed and grateful, and you finish the day by grabbing a bicycle and riding through beautiful Nosara at sunset, amazed by its incredible biodiversity. Flexible departures available. Don't miss this one.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Intense Surf Experience in Maldives

The prime surfing season in the Maldives spans from March to October, coinciding with the Southern Hemisphere winter that brings favorable swells to the archipelago's reefs.

Local surfers identify three distinct atolls in the Maldives. The northern atolls house renowned breaks like Cokes, Chickens, and Jails. Central atolls attract intermediate surfers with enjoyable medium swells, while the southern atolls, favored during the North-East monsoon (March to April), draw experienced surfers with larger swells.

The peak of swells occurs in June, July, and August, featuring light offshore winds throughout most of the day and exceptionally clear water.

Waves in the Maldives typically roll up like a point break, offering steeper take-offs, rippable pockets, and impressive 300 to 500-meter rides. This configuration makes the Maldives an ideal destination for intermediate to advanced surfers.

This Intense Surf Camp on the island of Mulah, provides surfers with a paradise. With five breaks catering to intermediate and advanced surfers, our retreat promises an unparalleled surfing experience. Mulah, the host island, boasts two primary breaks just a seven-minute walk from the camp, guiding you through a tropical coconut jungle to an uncrowded beach featuring the Mulah right and left breaks.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Surf Camp in Nicaragua

Head to Nicaragua for this Surf Camp and deep dive into the world of surfing. You'll be in San Juan del Sur with easy access to a number of awesome beaches including Maderas, Hermosa, Remanzo and others. Learn to surf with members of the National Surf Team. Enjoy 330+ days of offshore wind--for some truly fun, clean waves. 

You'll stay in an exclusive villa with a panoramic view of the Pacific that is within walking distance to nearby cafes, restaurants and beach bars. All levels welcome

Dates; Flexible Departures

Surf Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Enjoy coaching for beginners through to intermediate and advanced surfers at this Surf Retreat in Bali, Indonesia. Take advantage of experienced coaches who are there to provide guidance in the water, and out of the water with video coaching sessions.

Explore the many nearby breaks. Coaches are there to guide you to the best breaks for your level. Surf on the island of the Gods with a maximum of two people per surf coach and get plenty of waves and lots of feedback!

You'll be staying in Canggu area, which is also full of awesome things to see and do- including beachside bars and restaurants, cafes with healthy and wholesome foods, shopping and more. You'll also have the option to join a half day tour of nearby temples, including the famous Tanah Lot temple

Dates: Flexible Departures

Our Final Thoughts...

Waves and yoga--is there a better combination out there? Surfing retreats offer an amazing way to get outdoors, get your adrenalin going and cap it off with a little bit of zen. 

Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner (here's a great 101 guide to get you going), these retreats offer something for everyone. So, dive in and join one of these great surfing camps or surfing retreats today. If you're interested in learning more about these retreats or booking your spot, please don't hesitate to email us for further info. Check out all of our surfing retreats here. And as you prepare, you can also peruse a list of essential surfing gear checklist here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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