Best Women’s Trail Running Camps and Wellness Escapes

For women seeking the perfect blend of adventure, fitness, and relaxation, trail running camps and wellness retreats offer an unparalleled experience. Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting your trail running journey, these retreats provide the ideal setting to explore breathtaking landscapes, enhance your running skills, and rejuvenate your mind and body. From rugged trails among the Himalaya in Nepal or the serene beauty of Ireland to the verdant views of Vancouver Island or Vermont, we've curated a list of the best women’s trail running camps and wellness escapes for 2024. Join us as we explore these incredible destinations, each offering unique opportunities to connect with nature, meet like-minded women, and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Canyon Ranch Tucson Trail Running & Wellness Retreat

The Canyon Ranch Tucson Trail Running & Wellness Retreat offers a personalized experience combining mindfulness, fitness, and self-care. Participants can enjoy guided mindful runs on the beautiful Sonoran Desert trails, tailored fitness classes, sessions with personal trainers or nutrition coaches, and rejuvenating spa treatments. The retreat focuses on easing mental noise, improving sleep hygiene, and relieving anxiety, allowing attendees to feel energized and healthy daily.

This retreat caters to both novice and experienced trail runners, providing techniques for efficient running and adapting to trail terrain. Daily runs range from 4 to 6 miles on varied trails, with a relaxed, social pace and plenty of breaks to enjoy the scenery. The retreat includes accommodation, wellness consultations, resort credits, meals, and access to numerous amenities. Scheduled for mid-November 2024, it promises a revitalizing and comprehensive wellness experience.

Dates: 11/14/2024 - 11/17/2024

High Altitude Hut Running & Hiking Camp in Telluride

The High Altitude Hut Running & Hiking Camp in Telluride, Colorado, offers a four-day retreat at High Camp Hut, situated at 11,000 feet in the San Juan Mountains. Led by acclaimed author and athlete Katie Arnold, this serene high-alpine refuge provides an escape from daily life. Accessible via a scenic 2.5-mile hike with gear transported for participants, the camp emphasizes rejuvenation and self-discovery through trail running, hiking, writing, meditation, and communal gatherings.

Each day begins with meditation and a hearty breakfast, followed by morning runs and hikes along the mountain trails. Afternoons feature guided writing sessions inspired by the mountain’s energy, suitable for all levels of writers. Late afternoons are dedicated to personal activities like soaking in the wood-fired hot tub, restorative yoga, and forest wandering. The retreat includes all meals focusing on organic, seasonal, and plant-based dishes, daily yoga, and guided meditation, providing a nourishing environment for mind, body, and spirit.

Dates: 9/5/2024 - 9/8/2024

Ireland Trail Running & Wellness Retreat

The Ireland Trail Running & Wellness Retreat offers a seven-day adventure across the Emerald Isle's stunning landscapes. Participants will enjoy daily runs through picturesque locations like the Wicklow Mountains, the Cliffs of Moher, and Killarney National Park, accompanied by a professional guide from Trail Running Ireland. The retreat combines running with cultural experiences, including visits to historic sites, lively lunches at Irish pubs, and traditional music. Each day features diverse trail runs ranging from one to three hours, allowing participants to explore serene lakeshores, boardwalks, and rolling hills while benefiting from mindful running techniques.

Balancing adventure with relaxation, the retreat includes free time for shopping, spa treatments, and personal reflection. Accommodations are in high-quality hotels, with all meals focusing on fresh, local ingredients. Additional activities include a tour of Ross Castle and guided mindfulness runs to improve efficiency and flow. Suitable for runners comfortable with varied terrain and weather conditions, this retreat promises a rejuvenating and culturally enriching experience.

Dates: 9/7/2024 - 9/13/2024

Moab Mindful Running Retreat

The Moab Mindful Running Retreat is a four-day women-only event designed for those new to running, returning from an injury, or preferring shorter distances. Participants can enjoy daily runs between three and six miles, using a run-walk approach to accommodate all paces. Supported by professional running guides, runners can relax and enjoy the scenic Moab trails without worrying about logistics. The retreat emphasizes mindful running techniques, helping participants run efficiently and confidently on varied terrains like rock slabs, sandy trails, and rolling hills.

This retreat includes practical clinics, informative discussions, and free time for contemplation, aiming to establish a sustainable running practice. The retreat leader guides participants through mindful running clinics, focusing on posture, efficiency, and flow, making running easier and less strenuous. Additional features include a restorative yoga class designed for runners, three nights’ accommodation at a lodge, all meals, guided runs, transportation to trailheads, and a retreat gift bag.

Dates: 10/17/2024 - 10/20/2024,  4/10/2025 - 4/13/2025, & 10/23/2025 - 10/26/2025

Nepal Trail Running & Wellness Retreat

The Nepal Trail Running & Wellness Retreat offers a unique opportunity to run alongside Mira Rai, a former child soldier turned internationally acclaimed trail runner. Over ten days, participants will experience Nepal's stunning Himalayan landscapes, historic sites, and Buddhist monuments through mindful group runs and wellness activities. The retreat includes runs of varying lengths, from one to three hours, on diverse terrains, with rest days interspersed for relaxation or additional activities like yoga, meditation, or Ayurvedic treatments.

Participants will stay in deluxe accommodations and enjoy guided runs, yoga and meditation classes, and sound therapy sessions. The retreat fee includes a donation to the Mira Rai Initiative, supporting economic and social opportunities for young girls in Nepal. This retreat, rated Level III, is suitable for those with trail-running experience and good fitness, offering a balance of physical challenge and cultural enrichment in Nepal's breathtaking environments.

Dates: 10/10/2024 - 10/19/2024

Vancouver Island Trail Running & Wellness Retreat

The Vancouver Island Trail Running & Wellness Retreat offers a unique approach to running, particularly for those undergoing significant life changes such as perimenopause or menopause. Through daily run-walks of up to six miles, participants learn mindful running techniques to reduce the impact on joints and muscles, fostering relaxation and a more efficient gait. The retreat takes place amidst the natural beauty of 800-year-old Douglas Fir trees and expansive beaches in Pacific Rim National Park, offering a serene environment for mindful practice.

Participants will engage in a variety of activities, including whale watching in Clayoquot Sound, yoga on the beach, and mindful forest bathing. The retreat, rated Level I, is suitable for those comfortable with daily runs of up to six miles and navigating stairs and potentially wet conditions. Accommodations are provided at Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino and The Magnolia Hotel in Victoria, ensuring a comfortable stay complemented by guided mindful runs and wellness sessions.

Dates: 10/1/2024 - 10/7/2024

Vermont Trail Running & Culinary Retreat

The Vermont Trail Running & Culinary Retreat combines mindful running with gourmet culinary experiences, making it perfect for those who love good food and scenic trails. Participants stay at The Essex Culinary and Spa Resort, located between Burlington and Stowe Village, enjoying daily guided runs along with cooking classes led by top chefs. This retreat includes visits to local farms, offering a unique opportunity to learn about and taste Vermont’s delicious organic produce.

Designed for runners of all levels, this four-day, women-only retreat emphasizes a relaxed, run-walk approach suitable for beginners and those returning to running. Daily runs range from three to six miles on trails, with professional guides ensuring a comfortable pace for everyone. Participants can also enjoy free time to explore Burlington, indulge in spa treatments, or utilize the wellness amenities at the resort. The retreat leader provides valuable guidance on mindful running techniques, enhancing both running efficiency and overall relaxation.

Dates: 9/12/2024 - 9/15/2024

Run & Refresh Retreat in Lake Placid

The Run & Refresh Retreat in Lake Placid, New York, offers a dynamic mix of running, hiking, and water activities in the picturesque setting of Adirondack Park. This retreat invites women runners to enjoy the charm of Lake Placid's downtown and the natural beauty of Mirror Lake. Participants stay at a hotel on Main Street, conveniently located near unique restaurants, cafes, and shops, and enjoy a range of activities, from morning runs around the lake to open-water swims, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking.

In addition to outdoor adventures, the retreat includes yoga sessions, expert running guidance, and educational lessons. Special events such as a podcast recording and karaoke at the farewell dinner provide opportunities for socializing and having fun. Meals, including breakfast, lunch, a welcome reception, and celebratory dinners, are provided. The retreat promises a rejuvenating blend of fitness, relaxation, and community in the serene environment of Lake Placid.

Dates: 9/6/2024 - 9/9/2024

Sonoran Desert Trail Running & Wellness Retreat

The Sonoran Desert Trail Running & Wellness Retreat is a four-day, three-night retreat designed for women leaders who use running as a form of self-care and stress management. Held at the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa, this retreat focuses on teaching mindful running practices to enhance stress resilience. Participants will enjoy daily guided runs on the scenic trails of the Sonoran Desert, along with yoga sessions tailored to runners. The retreat also includes a traditional Native American morning ritual to start each day with intention and connection to nature.

Trails selected for the retreat highlight the desert’s unique beauty, featuring giant saguaro cacti and gently rolling hills. With runs ranging from four to eight miles, the pace is relaxed and social, making it accessible for runners with basic fitness levels. Luxury accommodations, meals, guided sessions, and wellness activities create a comprehensive, rejuvenating experience aimed at better managing stress and avoiding burnout.

Dates: 11/7/2024 - 11/10/2024

Our Final Thoughts...

The diverse collection of trail running camps and wellness retreats listed here offers unique opportunities for women to enhance their running skills, connect with nature, and rejuvenate their minds and bodies. From the rugged beauty of Tucson, Arizona, to the serene mountain landscapes of Nepal and the charming trails of Vermont, these retreats cater to all levels of runners. Each destination promises not only physical challenges but also holistic wellness experiences designed to foster resilience and well-being among like-minded women. Don’t miss the chance to be part of these extraordinary adventures. Reserve your place now bycontacting us before spots fill up!


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