Take the Path Less Trodden: Hiking and Walking Retreats in 6 Top-Rated Spots

The sun’s warming rays on your face, the fresh air in your lungs, and the soft feel of the earthen trail beneath your boots. There’s nothing quite like a healthy fix of the great outdoors when you’re in need of a life-affirming fillip, and heading off to a hiking or walking retreat surrounded by Mother Nature’s most-impressive creations allows you to immerse yourself in local cultures and traditions, boost your mental and physical health, and be taken aback by the sheer natural beauty of the planet we call home. Check out these six fantastic hiking destinations, with retreats set amid the peace and serenity of nature’s beauty, to help plan your next walking-retreat getaway...


Scotland’s majestic scenery provides an ideal escape from the madding crowds of modern life and allows you to enjoy the tranquility of solitude whilst surrounded by natural wonders at one of the country’s highland hiking retreats. The Cairngorms National Park, home of royal retreat Balmoral Castle, is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the ideal place to lose yourself in nature as you hike across the straths and moors.

The sparsely populated Scottish Highlands are filled with leisurely loch-side trails through the Grampian mountains. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles, sits at the western end of the Grampians, and the gentle climb wends its way through undulating moorlands surrounded by impressive Munro mountains. If you’re looking to nurture your mind, body, and spirit in Scotland, its walking retreats will not disappoint.

India & the Himalayas

The Indian subcontinent has long since captivated the imagination. While the bustling major Indian cities evoke images of chaos and pollution, the Himalayan foothills to the north are criss-crossed by a network of sublime walking trails in the shadows of some of the world’s highest mountains. At first light, the rising sun bathes the majestic snow-covered peaks in alabaster hues, as the cool morning air provides the perfect conditions for a brisk mountain stroll, past mysterious mountain-side monasteries and through stepped tea plantations.

The verdant foothills provide the perfect setting of tranquility amid nature’s beauty to reconnect your mind and body. Inclined trails get the heart pumping, while the serene surroundings allow for mindfulness without distraction as your body, breath, and mind synchronize. The mystic and mysterious mountains of the Himalayas offer the perfect backdrop as you walk your way to wellness.


The Nordic island country of Iceland is truly the land of fire and ice. Its landscape features a mix of volcanoes, glaciers, black-sand beaches, waterfalls, and geothermal pools, with summer allowing walks beneath the midnight sun and winter seeing the dark skies emblazoned with the emerald hues of the Northern Lights.

Walking through the ice-covered north gives a first-hand insight into life in rural Iceland as you discover its natural beauty. The wild waterfalls of Jökulsárgljúfur Canyon remind us of nature’s might, while the geothermic pools of the Námaskarð Pass offer the perfect warming tonic for tired thighs.

The greener south is equally beautiful; lakes set in volcanic craters, inspiring mountains, and the largest glacier on Earth provide the perfect setting for stunning trails. Rugged and remote, walking in Iceland is the perfect way to escape the trappings of modern life.


It’s little wonder that a nation shaped like a boot is home to superb walking trails. Whether you wander betwixt vineyards in Tuscany or meander along cliff-top trails on the famous Amalfi Coast, Italy’s natural beauty is immediately and eternally apparent. The majesty of the towering peaks in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers the ideal setting for a brisk morning hike, while the quaint fishing villages that partition the trails along the Cinque Terre coastline afford stunning views as you refuel in charming cafés.

As a nation famed for its ancient empire, Renaissance art, and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, Italy is the perfect location to engage your mind and body and escape your routine. Its clear mountain air and invigorating sea breezes encourage you along the trails, which are surrounded by some of southern Europe’s most breath-taking scenery.


The largest and northernmost US state, Alaska, is home to some of the vast nation’s most wild and isolated terrain. Disconnected from the Lower 48 States, the Alaskan wilderness offers a superb setting to reconnect your body and soul during a walking retreat. The state’s eternal summer sun warms the soul and allows for late-evening strolls in crisp mountain air.

Fjords, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and glaciers, break up the state’s diverse and rugged coastline, while a retreat in the vicinity of Denali National Park affords views of North America’s tallest mountain. Alaska’s rugged terrain and stunning panoramas work in tandem to take your breath away...

Sedona, Arizona

Set in the Verde Valley area of Arizona, the city of Sedona is a great base for a walking retreat among the striking red rocks that jut upward from the valley floor. Sedona's incredible landscape boasts plenty of superb trails for your daily cardio, while the isolation of the desert scenery allows you to disconnect from your daily routines and enjoy the uniqueness of your surroundings.

The city is surrounded by state parks and national forests, and finding the less-trodden path is problematic only due to the number of options. While the surroundings are stunning, there’s more to Sedona than meets the eye—mysterious cosmic forces and healing energy are said to be emitted by the red rocks as a swirling concentration of energy. These vortices are conducive to healing and leave many feeling inspired, recharged, or uplifted.

Our Final Thoughts...

Whichever of these fantastic destinations you choose for your next hiking and walking retreat, you are sure to have spectacular scenery following your every step along the trails. Whether it’s the regal Scottish glens, the majestic Himalayan peaks, the sun-kissed Italian coastline, or US favorites such as Alaska or Arizona, you will be able to improve your physical and mental health in the company of like-minded individuals, surrounded by nature’s finest views. Get in touch with us now for further information to help you choose your perfect hiking and walking retreat...


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