Top Running Trips in Europe for 2024

Running retreats in Europe are a great way to improve your running fitness, explore beautiful destinations, and meet other runners from all over the world. Retreats typically offer a variety of running activities, including trail running, road running, and hill running. They can also sometimes include a variety of other supplementary activities, such as yoga, rafting, sightseeing and hiking. This combination of running and wellness activities can help you to improve your overall fitness and well-being.

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful running destinations in the world. Whether you're interested in running along the Spanish coastline, exploring the Italian Alps, or taking in sweeping views of the Scottish Highlands, you're sure to find a running retreat in Europe that's perfect for you.

Running retreats are also a great way to meet other runners from all over the world, make new friends, learn from experienced runners, and share your love of pounding the trails...

8-Day Running Adventure In Ireland

After a night soaking up the Irish hospitality in Dublin, the 8-Day Running Adventure in Ireland gathers everyone together to head west, to County Mayo and the island’s rugged Atlantic coast. County Mayo, as well as being renowned for its salmon fishing and being home to Ireland’s highest cliffs, boasts a plethora of wild and windswept running trails that take you through sprawling landscapes that are fit for a postcard.

The retreat’s daily runs cover between five and ten kilometers, and cozy, traditional Irish pubs provide the perfect pitstops for refueling along the way. When not burning off last night’s Guinness on the trails, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the region’s best-loved tourist attractions, including Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery and Achill Island, Ireland’s largest island.

8-Day Running Adventure In Iceland

Not only does the Nordic nation of Iceland boast a landscape of ‘fire and ice,’ but the 8-Day Running Adventure in Iceland allows you to run epic trails on two different continents in one trip. Iceland sits atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between North America and Europe, and its land is split between the two tectonic plates. Aside from the quirk of being able to run on different landmasses, the country’s unique geological positioning has ensured its territory is dotted with volcanoes and geothermal hot springs.

Each day will feature an epic run, up to 11 kilometers at a time, that will see you run past thundering waterfalls, geothermal geysers, and around the craters of dormant volcanoes. The package includes hotels and lodging, most of the meals along the way, and several excursions to some of Iceland’s most Instagrammable attractions.

Cinque Terre Running Adventure In Italy

The cluster of five quaint coastal villages that line the Ligurian coast in the northwest of Italy are collectively known as ‘Cinque Terre,’ meaning ‘five lands.’ The region’s dramatic coastline, the five villages, and the surrounding hillsides are all part of the Cinque Terre National Park, a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Cinque Terre Running Adventure in Italy will take you through the five villages - Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore - running up and over steep slopes and cliffs, around secluded bays, and past old churches and ancient monasteries. All internal expenses and services are included in the tour price; you just need to get yourself to Italy’s northwest coast.

The Amalfi Coast Running Tour

You'll explore the dramatic coastline high above the Tyrrhenian Sea on ancient trails and paths once used to connect the villages and their scant arable land.  Also, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, like its cousin to the north in the Cinque Terre, over centuries the inhabitants of the Amalfi Coast painstakingly built-up breathtaking sequences of stone retaining walls to support terraced vineyards and lemon orchards.  On these ancient walls and paths, you'll run.

You'll begin your tour meeting in the lovely coastal village of Vietri sul Mare at the southern end of the Amalfi coastal road.  Here you can explore the delights of the "ceramics capital of Campania."  You'll then spend 3 nights in the well-known village of Amalfi with its sun-filled piazzas and small beach, once a maritime superpower with a population of over 70,000. 

Across the Tyrrhenian Sea lies the sparkling island of Capri, once the playground of pleasure-seeking Roman emperors.  You'll take the ferry over to run a spectacular loop around this famous island.  You'll then head inland and spend two nights above the sea in the much quieter village of Bomerano. Here You'll enjoy some peace and tranquility, incredible cuisine and an exciting day running and climbing to the highest point of the Amalfi Coast with breathtaking views of the dramatic coastline and sea.

Join this incredible Amalfi Coast Running Tour for the trip of a lifetime.

Georgia Trail Run

Your journey starts in lively Tbilisi on this epic Georgia Trail Running Holiday, reputed to be one of the coolest cities in Europe where we will get a slice of Georgian culture with good food and wine while we prepare for our journey to the mountain kingdom of Svaneti.

In Svaneti, you will spend six-core days of running traversing trails as we dip in and out of picturesque mountain villages, alpine meadows, and snow-capped mountain peaks that sow above 4000m.

You’ll experience the very best that Georgia has to offer seeing glaciers, waterfalls, and empty trails. Your nightly accommodation will be cozy local guesthouses with delicious Georgian cuisine and wine to ensure we are well-rested and recovered. What's not to love?

Dartmoor Fells, Trail Running and Yoga Camp in UK

Dartmoor Fells, Trail Running and Yoga Camp in UK

Join this trail and yoga weekend, set in one of Dartmoor’s most attractive locations on the northern most edge of Dartmoor National Park. You can learn from our expert and friendly guides about how to go off piste and be fully immersed in the rugged landscape of Dartmoor. We want you to feel inspired, invigorated, and elated at having completed this weekend.

The Dartmoor Fells Trail Running & Yoga Camp will be led by fell and trail running experts, with additional support from our qualified yoga instructor, with a masseuse on hand throughout (just in case!)

Italian Dolomites Trail Running Retreat

The week-long Italian Dolomites Trail Running Retreat takes you through some of Europe’s finest alpine scenery. The Dolomites, also known as the Pale Mountains, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and this challenging retreat takes in some of the more grueling routes in the region. These mountainous trails are best for more experienced runners who are comfortable on high-altitude trails strewn with rocks, muddy patches, and loose dirt.

The daily runs generally take place between 5,000 and 9,000 feet in elevation on well-established trails and are guided. The retreat also features mindful running clinics to help with your form, and the highly-trained retreat leaders provide the space and support for you to have a transformational experience.

Mediterranean Mindful Running Retreat, Spain

The Costa Brava coastal region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain will be your home for the seven-day Mediterranean Mindful Running Retreat. ‘Costa Brava’ translates as ‘wild coast,’ and the retreat takes you village-to-village along the Mediterranean Sea, exploring Medieval castles and enjoying traditional gourmet Spanish tapas at every turn!

After a running tour of the city of Girona on day one, the group will head out into the countryside to find forest trails and coastal paths to put you through your paces. The runs will take you past Medieval castles and monasteries and afford you views out and across the Mediterranean Sea. Participants should be comfortable running and hiking for six days in a row, and most runs are between three and four hours long.

Run With Heart & Mind In Spain

Run with Heart and Mind in Spain is a five-night mindful running retreat in the stunning countryside of the Teruel region in northeastern Spain. The retreat aims to teach participants how to establish a foundation and focus, and to run mindfully. The combination of trail running, yoga, tai chi, and qigong works together to make you a better, more rounded runner.

The varied paths and trails around the venue are perfect for anyone wanting to run surrounded by nature, and you should be fit enough to handle two-hour runs. Accommodation will be at La Artiga, a beautifully restored rustic house that sits in a peaceful setting at the top of the Valley of Olba, and full-board vegetarian meals and snacks will be available.

Running & Yoga In Chamonix, France

The Chamonix Valley passes below the snow-capped peak of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe, and its main town is one of France’s oldest ski resorts. The epic trails wind through pine forests and up to high balcony paths, affording breath-taking views over Mont Blanc. Each day will see you run between 13 and 15 kilometers, with spectacular views every step of the way.

The three-day Running and Yoga In Chamonix Retreat includes four-star accommodation, and each run will be led by a qualified trail running guide. Yoga classes follow each run, and the retreat will begin with a group meal in Chamonix, and there will also be a chance to enjoy a superb cheese and wine tasting evening!

Trail Running and Sailing Holiday in Lofoten Islands, Norway

Join this epic Trail-Running Adventure as we trail and sail our way around the Lofoten archipelago of northern Norway.

The Lofoten Islands are arguably one of the most impressive seascapes on earth, with a series of islands stretching some 200km in the Arctic Circle. Mountains rise straight out of the ocean towards the sky. This is a place that has been shaped and exposed by millennia of crashing waves, ice and snow, which has dramatically transformed Lofoten into a fairytale landscape. We can’t think of a more spectacular place for a trail running adventure, made even more unique by exploring the area by boat which gives great accessibility to some hidden gems.

Your home for the adventure is the sailing vessel Moondance. A durable 9-berth expedition ship that uses the force of the wind to take us to the most remote locations. Each day we’ll drop anchor in a different area, make our way to shore and explore a jaw-dropping trail run, running from one Fjord to the other where our ship will be waiting to greet us. You can expect amazing scenery at every turn, from mountain ridges, white beaches, green hills and grey cliffs. The views are breathtaking, especially during the twilight hours.

Extraordinary Albania Trail Run

Albania is without question one of Europe’s hidden wonders. Ancient Roman history rubs shoulders with some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery you can imagine. Waterfalls and ‘Blue Eye’ pools, charming mountain villages, a Mediterranean climate, delicious food, and empty trails await.

Spend your days running on this Albania Trail Running Tour among the mountains and valleys of the alps, traversing the high peaks which run the natural border between Albania and neighboring Montenegro.

You’ll experience running on empty trails as well as lush alpine meadows and waterfalls, with impromptu stops to bathe in natural hot springs. At night, relax in cozy mountain lodges with delicious Albanian cuisine, wine and great company.

Tour Du Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France

If you’re looking for a truly epic running retreat, then the Tour Du Mont Blanc in Chamonix could be exactly what the doctor ordered. During this retreat, you’ll run the epic terrain covered by the infamous Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB), dubbed “the most mythical and prestigious trail running race in the world.”

Over the six days, you will run a hundred miles, climb 9,000 meters, and pass through three countries as you complete the running challenge of a lifetime. The scenery will be spectacular throughout, but the highlight comes on the final day’s climb as the entire Mont Blanc Massif dominates your line of sight.

Mountain Trails: Crossing The Lake District in UK

From the southern Lakeland town of Coniston to mountain passes, lush woodlands, fell tops, and shoreline running, this Crossing the Lake District Trail Running Adventure will let you experience Cumbrian culture and nature at its finest.

Join this spectacular trail running journey as we cross the Lake District National Park - taking in some of the finest trails and landscapes the UK has to offer. This fully-guided and fully-supported adventure takes in a distance of 72km which is split over three days. We’ll aim to cover an average distance of 15 miles per day, staying in cozy hotels just off the trail which makes for a perfect base to relax at the end of each day.

Our Final Thoughts...

Whether you're looking for a challenging mountain run or a relaxing trail run, Europe has something for everyone. From the iconic trails of the Alps to the volcanic landscape of Iceland, there's no shortage of amazing running destinations on the expansive continent.

We've highlighted some of our top picks for running trips in Europe for 2023 and 2024, and with so much to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect trip for your next running adventure.

If you're ready to start planning your running trip to Europe, please get in touch with us today or check out more of our running trips here, and we’ll be happy to send you further information...


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