5 Days Krav Maga Training Camp Israel

6 Days, Multiple Departures

5 Days Krav Maga Training Camp Israel
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Five Days of intensive Krav Maga training, without any touring. This will include over 3 hours each morning, a lunch break, 4 hours each afternoon, and two evening sessions, (Sunday and Wednesday).

Package Deal includes all Training, Airport pickup and drop off, daily lunch, lodgings (7 days, private room in house, Air conditioning, Wifi, laundry service) 

About The Host

The Host aims to spread authentic, up to date, practical Krav Maga and make it accessible to everyone who needs it.

Krav Maga is the unarmed portion of combat: Defense against guns, knives, and hand to hand combat. It’s a simple, user-friendly style designed to meet the needs of modern self-defense. Unlike traditional styles, it is constantly being revised and updated based on lessons learned on the battlefield, urban crime, and in combating terrorists.

Cutting Edge Krav Maga!

Our Krav Maga techniques are constantly being evaluated and upgraded. Full contact training and lessons from real-life cases form the basis of our constant reevaluation. This keeps us on the cutting edge of reality training. We are innovators, not imitators.

Things to keep in mind