8-Day Mountain Yoga Retreat with Thermal Mineral Water Experience in Bulgaria

8 Days, Multiple Departures

8-Day Mountain Yoga Retreat with Thermal Mineral Water Experience in Bulgaria
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Yoga is a science of life that gives us very valuable knowledge about what it takes to be healthy and happy.

In the evenings you will indulge in a restorative yoga class and yoga Nidra sessions. During the day you can choose to chill in a thermal pool, take a walk in a thousand years old forest, or be active enjoying mountain hikes, cycling, climbing, and horse riding.

Mountain Retreats combines outdoor sports with different types of Yoga and wellness practices. Our retreats take you on a journey to connect with yourself, but also to new people, a new culture, and new practices.

When empowered, every one of us can move mountains! We would like to inspire people to live healthier and happier lives, aware of all the boundless possibilities of self-improvement that nature and yoga can give us.

About the place

Experience one of Bulgaria’s most striking mountain landscapes. Leisurely pace and hike all the way up to the highest of the seven lakes in the largest national park in Bulgaria (National park Rila). The park is located about (100 km – 62 ml) south of Sofia.
In addition, the Park contains rare and endangered wildlife species and communities. Self-regulating ecosystems of biological diversity, as well as historic sites of global cultural and scientific significance. Some of the largest rivers in the Balkan Peninsula originate here.
In fact the name Rila is derived from the Thracian word roula – which means a lots of water.

In a Rila Mountain is the highest peak not only in Bulgaria but also in the Balkans. Musala peak with its 2925.4 m. – 9596ft., it is also the seventh highest among European leaders.

The Malyovitsa region is the cradle of Bulgarian mountaineering. In fact the region is one of the most popular tourist regions in the Rila mountain.

Malyovitsa is a peak in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountain in southwestern Bulgaria. It is (2,729 m – 8 ft above sea level) and is one of the most popular tourist regions in the mountain. Its northern and eastern slopes are steep and almost inaccessible while the southern and south-western slopes are more oblique.
The main starting point for treks in the region of Malyovitsa at an altitude of (1,700 m – 5652 ft).

Vihren summit is the highest peak of the Pirin Mountains. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage – Pirin National Park.

The altitude is 2,914 m – 9,560 ft above sea level. In fact this is Bulgaria’s second and the Balkans’ third highest, after Musala and Mount Olympus.
It is located in the northern part of Pirin and more precisely on the main ridge between Hvoynati peak and Kutelo peak, between the rivers Vlahinska and Banderitsa.

Also it is one of the most impressive places for tourism in the Pirin Mountains.

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