8-Day Scaravelli Inspired Retreat in Jordan

May 25 to Jun 1, 2024

8-Day Scaravelli Inspired Retreat in Jordan
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Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the World Heritage Site Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon. This unique journey will not only shift your experience of life but also encourage you to manifest your dreams. Let Liz and Sandra, with decades of experience in guiding transformational groups, lovingly support you in letting go of that which no longer serves your higher good.

About The Host
Liz Warrington and Sandra Jelly

Liz Warrington and Sandra Jelly

Liz is a cranio sacral therapist, yoga teacher, mother of twins, and a dog lover. In 1988, guided and inspired by Peter Blackaby and ashram experiences she began the study and practice of yoga. She joined Brighton's Natural Bodies Centre at its inception; the heart of Scaravelli-inspired yoga in the UK and taught there for 10 years. She facilitates retreats throughout Europe, in India, and Egypt and now has her home studio in Spain. She welcomes and has worked with people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, including children and the elderly. Specifically, the cultivation of attention and stillness and body listening skills have informed her yoga to become an intimate exploration of the self.

Sandra is an artist, social entrepreneur, equine assisted coach who has lived with her furry tribe of cats, dogs, horses, and a donkey already 15 years in Wadi Rum. She designs sustainable handwoven bags, offers shamanic medicine journeys, and facilitates her Pink Spirit desert retreats. She works with movement, energy, sound, the elements, and horses.

Together, they invite you on a deep inner journey into the raw desert beauty of Southern Jordan to awaken your intrinsic healing power and source of inner wisdom.