A Return to HER - Healing the Divine Feminine with Horses in Costa Rica

Aug 10 to Aug 17, 2024

A Return to HER - Healing the Divine Feminine with Horses in Costa Rica
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Women Only

Healing Sanctuary & Farm

In the heart of Costa Rica's Caribbean jungle, where the mystical energies of nature converge, we invite you to embark on a profound odyssey of self-discovery and healing. Nestled amidst the lush tropics, our sanctuary offers not just an escape, but a transformative experience that will reconnect you to your inner light and the essence of life.

Our programs are based on years of collective experience, studies, and observations by women who’ve come together as kindred spirits. This retreat is hosted by Terry and led by Johanna, Enrica, and Jessica.

The Essence

We echo the wisdom of the ancient sages of India and modern visionaries in the fields of horse communication, equine therapy, nutrition, physiology, psychology, and contemporary yoga gurus.

We believe that personal transformation transcends the ordinary; it’s a holistic journey that unites mind, body, and spirit. Under the stewardship of Terry Newton (expert horsewoman, Equine Yoga leader, yoga teacher and metaphysical healer), the curated expertise of Enrica (equine yoga instructor, equine coach and yoga teacher) and the expansive knowledge of Jessica Turner (nutritionist), our retreat is a sacred space where the ancient science of yoga, the intuitive wisdom of horses, and the nurturing embrace of women converge.

Heal The Feminine & Bloom Into Balance

Step into a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the sacred energy of horses, and gain a deeper understanding of your biological body, your hormones, and the rhythms of the seasons in your life. This unique retreat offers a holistic approach to healing and empowering The Feminine in all its aspects.

In the sacred embrace of the jungle, empowered by the divine goddesses of yoga, we delve into the essence of femininity. Led by certified Functional Nutritional Therapist Jessica, our retreat offers practical tools to balance hormones and eliminate discomfort, guiding you toward living with grace, joy, and vitality.

We created this retreat with Jessica, not jus because she’s so fun to be around (and she is!), but because we experienced what she can do first hand, having helped Alexia with making menstrual pain no longer a problem, and helping Terry avoid a hospital visit and instead flush out gallbladder stones (as well as identifying them in the first place) the natural way. Since then we’ve recommended her to many friends and students, all with wildly different eating patterns, diets, ages and cultures, and all to great results. Jessica meets you where you are, without judgement, only there to help you feel better, so your life can unfold with balance and good energy.

Jessica is not just a wellness expert; she's a passionate advocate for women's health, driven by the desire to help you break free from the chains of hormonal imbalance and truly live your life to the fullest. 

A Return To Your True Self

Imagine a life where you're deeply connected to your essence, where your every thought and action resonate with harmony. Enrica’s Equine Coaching sessions, of the Marz Method — guide you through a soul-stirring exploration. Horses, these magnificent beings, serve as mirrors to your emotions, revealing the depths of your consciousness and messages from your inner most self.

What To Expect

✹☾ Sacred Equine Connection

Experience the profound energy of horses, grounding yourself in the sacred embrace of nature.

✹☾ Hormonal Harmony

Gain insights into your body, hormones, and life rhythms, learning practical tools to balance hormones and find relief from discomfort.

✹☾ Empowerment

Discover the essence of femininity with the guidance of yoga goddesses, finding grace, joy, and vitality within.

About The Host


Originally from Canada, Terry found her heart rooted in the vibrant jungle life of Costa Rica in 1995. Back then, Cahuita was a tiny town with one public telephone - and Puerto Viejo wasn’t even on the map. For Terry, life had been filled with adventurous inspirational tales of travel, cultures, languages, foods, and leaping into the unknown. The decades of travel had shown her the best and worst of humanity, the love that transcended all cultural barriers, as well as the hate that could turn human hearts cold and violent. Most of all chaos, surrounded by dramatic family strife, alcoholism, abuse and depression - in hindsight, a collision of unresolved traumas mixed with a deep desire to love and be loved.

The beacon that guided Terry out of her darkest abyss was Yoga with Horses, a journey that began in 2013. As a woman experiencing the solitude of autonomy for the first time, after the dissolution of two marriages and the heartache of losing both parents, she found herself at the crossroads of life at the age of 50. No longer bound by the roles of a dutiful daughter and wife, she embarked on a quest for meaning and purpose. The realization dawned that there was a space waiting to be filled, a path yearning to be tread upon - a path leading to her own self, her unique purpose. It was through the practice of yoga and the serene companionship of horses that she discovered a haven from her trauma, a sanctuary where her spirit could heal and flourish. As well as the monumental strength to release her soul from the chains of generational cycles, to dare to really change, create new patterns and write her own story.

Terry's story is a testament to resilience, a narrative that echoes the transformative power of self-discovery and the healing essence of connection - not just with oneself but also with the vibrant energy of the natural world.

It's a journey that resonates with the desire within us all, to find the joyful love within.

Certified by Yoga Alliance: E-200 RYT 500-RYT.

Certified Yoga Therapist by IAYT.

Certified Metaphysical Energy Healer and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.

Yoga emphasis on: Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Yin.

Things to keep in mind