Art of Living Well Retreat in Athens & Nafplio, Greece

Oct 7 to Oct 13, 2024

Art of Living Well Retreat in Athens & Nafplio, Greece
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The Art of Living Well Retreat is a 6 night, 7 day travel and retreat experience in Greece. This retreat is a beautiful blend of culture, history, art, food and wellness. Our adventure will begin in lively, cosmopolitan Athens before retreating to the Peloponnese countryside to live among the olive groves in traditional & modern country houses that will feel like you are returning home.

Your week-long experience includes enjoying a luxury boutique hotel in the center of Athens, exploring Athens together with a guided private Acropolis hill and museum tour, opportunties to adventure on your own, a fine-dining Greek experience along with a traditional taverna meal. We start with meditation and movement to energize yourself for a day of exploration and fun.

Your journey continues into the Peloponnese to the village of Pirgotika, outside of Nafplio. You will indulge in Olive Oil Tasting, Wine Tasting, Cooking Class, guided art workshops, daily wellness and mindfulness sessions, and an adventure into seaside Nafplio for a walk and optional hike up to the castle.

This week gives you a wonderful taste of Greece through countless curated experiences and an insiders view of the coveted Mediterranean lifestyle. All of your senses are in for a treat as you to slow down and rejuvenate.

About The Host
Theodora Miller and Katrina Paraskevopoulos

Theodora Miller and Katrina Paraskevopoulos

Theodora Miller is a creative at heart who took her journey to a deeper level after a traumatic brain injury forced her into complete isolation and cognitive rest. Artful living took on a new meaning; it became an essential part of her healing. The journey was so profound that she leaped at a 30-year career in banking and non-profit to become a full-time artist.

Today, Theodora has a thriving creative practice as a painter, ceramicist, surface designer, and entrepreneur. Her ever-evolving visual language draws inspiration from her emotions, surroundings, Hellenic heritage, and ancient symbols.

Her artwork is featured in corporate collections and treasured by art lovers around the world. Her work has been featured in R•Home, The Pappas Post, The Mediterranean Lifestyle, Classic Home Magazine, and The Hellenic Journal.

The daughter of a Greek immigrant, Theodora had the good fortune of spending childhood summers in Greece with family. She resides in Richmond, Virginia, but her spirit dwells on an island in the Aegean Sea.

Katrina is a Greek-American wellness expert from California living in Greece with her Greek husband and 2 cats. She is Travel & Leisure’s 2023 Rising Star Travel Advisor and specializes in curating wellness-infused retreats and custom travel design and planning in Greece. Katrina is a renowned wellness and transformational coach who supports people to find a home within themselves.

Katrina is a life-long learner. She loves personal and spiritual development and supporting others on their journey inward. It’s the most challenging and most rewarding journey you will ever embark upon.


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