Atlantic Coast Trail Horse Riding Holiday in Morocco

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Atlantic Coast Trail Horse Riding Holiday in Morocco
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An eight-day trek, including six on horseback, along the Atlantic coast from Essaouira to the south or vice versa. During this week you will have the opportunity to meet fishing villages, small wild private beaches, and freshwater springs gushing from the beach at low tide. The wonderful view from the top of the cliffs towards the ocean will leave you speechless.

Every day a different landscape, a different terrain, where you can experience the three gaits: walk, trot, and gallop, together with your faithful travel companion, who during this crossing and day after day will trust you more and more, and with whom you will have the opportunity to establish a special connection relationship.

You can take care of your horse during the lunch break, and in the evening upon arrival at the bivouac you will give it water and him's ration of food; it will be a special part of this unique experience.

You will have the opportunity to make beautiful encounters along your path, shepherds grazing with their animals, beekeepers struggling with the hives, farmers working in the fields, some with agricultural vehicles and others helped by mules, donkeys or dromedaries for the plowing of the land.

You will meet fishermen who from the cliffs, or from the rocks, will offer you the fresh catch of the day.
Or ladies washing clothes by the river, who will offer you a cup of tea at their home and fresh homemade bread.

The culinary and food aspect is of great interest, our cook will be able to give you delights and make you taste the typical cuisine of Morocco, offering you a different dish every day, freshly prepared and attentive to your possible food allergies or preferences, which you have communicated to us previously.
Tastes, flavors, smells will accompany you throughout the week and will be part of your travel memories.

This horse trekking on the Atlantic Ocean is not only a unique equestrian and culinary experience, but a way of traveling slowly to rediscover the contact with nature, the ancient and current crafts and repopulate the rural areas of authentic Morocco with responsible tourism. .

All with the logistical support of the ranch, which with all the years of experience behind it, will be able to ensure you a unique stay with attentive people, and with the best Arab Berber horses at your disposal.

About The Host
Erika, Omar, and Mohamed

Erika, Omar, and Mohamed

Erika, Omar, and Mohamed began to work hard because they had a dream in common, to bring horse trekking in Morocco to the world.
So began appearances at all the international trade fairs, lots of one-week treks, more horses and equestrian equipment added, logistical experience acquired, an invaluable asset, and the staff began to increase in number, as well as the national and international collaborations.
The three partners, however, had the dream of making the ranch a reference point in Morocco, not only for national and international equestrian tourism but also for a multi-sport center.

Following this idea, they gradually added several dromedaries, designing a comfortable saddle for trekking over several days. They began to study routes suitable for trekking on foot, accompanied by logistics that had been tried and tested for years.
They began to acquire a large number of quads, even though it was an environmentally unfriendly sport, but using this means to help their customers discover the beauty of the unspoiled nature around Essaouira, with the utmost respect for nature and the animals encountered along the way.
Other activities were added over the years, such as treasure hunts in the medina of Essaouira, yoga in nature, and angling.

The desire to go further, to progress, and never stop, spurred the three young people to acquire a lot of material for the organization of Luxury Bivouacs and Weddings in nature. From here a big jump in the world of cinema, in the work of assistance and logistics and supply of films, musicals, video clips, and presentations of new brands of cars/motorbikes, shot in the region of Essaouira, as well as the assistance of Rally and cars/motorbikes passing in the region.
Although this journey has brought us much satisfaction, the desire to create new experiences is always at the forefront, and even now after this strange year of the Pandemic, there are many new things in the pipeline.

We will still be able to surprise and amaze you.
Thanks to the staff who always work hard and never give up.


Things to keep in mind