Best Surf Retreat in Mentawai, Indonesia (Peak Season - 7 Days)

Aug 6 to Aug 12, 2024

Best Surf Retreat in Mentawai, Indonesia (Peak Season - 7 Days)
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With our wave, Pitstops, right out front, just 35 feet from your bungalow (you can watch the waves from your bed), 5 more breaks within easy walking distance and with two high speed long boats to get you into any one of more than 25 waves in the area, you’ll be surfing way more than you imagined.

No matter how you’re travelling, we’ll tailor each trip to suit our guests. Whether you’re a charger searching for the wave of your life, a solo traveller, a frothing grom, on a girls-only surf trip, travelling as a family, a logging long-boarder, father-son trips or of course a group of mates, we can cater to your surfing levels. The huge variety of wave types in our region means that you can surf fun waves or even if you’re up for the challenge, some charger waves at one of our BIG 5.

The surf resort is in the Playgrounds region of Mentawai with many years of experience in the area. This means that you’re in good hands when it comes to finding the best waves available on the day.

As the winner of TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award in 2019, 2020, and 2021, voted by surfers, you could not have picked a better surf resort for your Mentawai trip! More surfers are choosing Mentawai as their surf retreat destination.

We are a beachfront resort, so you get to surf on your own schedule and our guests all agree that our location gives them better $ value for the high wave count in return. Aside from this, we have daily unlimited free boat transfers to any of the other surf breaks.

There are 6 islands in our area that we surf at, with more than 25 waves to choose from. Imagine waking up with those options and a wave right in front of your bungalow.

Being a smaller boutique surf resort, allows more exclusivity for our guests and we cater each trip to our guest’s individual needs and surfing ability. Smaller group sizes allow us to do so. With 3 Mentawai bungalows, hosts a maximum of 12 Surfers.

To avoid crowding and to meet everyone’s surfing ability, we have two speedboats that run daily to the different breaks, for example, one boat would go to the fun waves while the other goes to the “charger waves”.

Hassle-Free Experience

We make your entire experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. All you need to do is arrive at Padang (Mingangkabau) airport. From there, our crew will collect you from the airport, transfer you either to your hotel or  directly to the harbour, depending on your travel arrangements, so there’s no need for you to worry about any logistics, we’ll get you there!

Once you arrive at our island, again, everything is taken care of for you. You’ll be welcomed as part of the family and we’ll be frothing for surf just as much as you’ll be. There’s no need to worry about forecasts, conditions or waves that will suit you. We have experienced surf guides with an intimate knowledge of the local conditions which change at the drop of a hat.

What's The Surf Like?

On a global scale, The Mentawai Islands has more than 90% chance of scoring epic waves. Compared with other surf destinations, such as South Africa, Hawaii and Australia. With warm waters and a variety of perfect waves the Mentawai's has it all.

The Mentawai Islands offer some of the best surf to be found anywhere in the world, with more perfect left and right handers in one region than anywhere on earth. The Mentawai group of Islands attracts swells all year round with the most consistent season generally being between March and November.

Waves vary in size from 2 to 12 foot with the average wave height being about 6 foot. The Mentawai Islands region can also get big swells with reports of up to 15 feet plus recorded. They can range anywhere from fun sized walls to awesome stand-up barrels. If can hold your own on a wave, whether you're natural or goofy, this place has the wave for you. Even today you still can surf uncrowded waves as this area keeps producing quality line ups which are scattered amongst a vast array of reefs, point breaks and secluded bays.

Given the range of wave options that we can provide you with in the Mentawai Islands Playgrounds region, you won't be disappointed. We have a variety of surf breaks with fast access by speedboat or by land for you to select from. 

Things To Do

Surfing the best waves in the world
SUP exploring
Table tennis
Swimming in the warm inviting waters
Snorkeling over spectacular coral reefs (gear provided)
Fishing (gear provided)
Yoga (when available)
Jungle walks & hikes
TV in the lounge to view your pics and surf movies
Beachcombing & shelling
Boat trips
Village visits
Secluded tropical island visits

About The Host

At the helm you’ll find Vere. After many years of running his own businesses in finance and holiday letting, Vere traded the corporate white-collar-and-tie in for a pair of boardshorts and bare feet. These days, the term “board meeting” has a whole new meaning for him.

Things to keep in mind