Chi Kung & Meditation Retreat in Corfu, Greece

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Chi Kung & Meditation Retreat in Corfu, Greece
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We will immerse in 6 days of Chi Kung (Qigong) and Meditation practice in a stunning location on the Mediterranean coast. The practice is beginner friendly and appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.

This retreat is led by Instructor Thomas. With his accumulated experience of the Shaolin Soft Arts and Buddhist Meditations, Thomas will be sharing a blend of Soft & Hard Chi Kung practices designed for Health & Longevity.

During free time participants can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Corfu, with its many beautiful beaches and picturesque landscape and architecture, book a massage or healing session, enjoy good food, or hang out at the lovely beach of Arillas which is within walking distance from our venue.

You will spend an entire week focusing on doing well for yourself while enjoying the spectacular views and nature around Arillas.

With meditations from the Forest Buddhist Monasteries of Northern Thailand to the roots of Chinese Medicine, you will find peace of mind and deep relaxation, as well as learn tools to heal yourself and others.​

The east understands the world very well and has been developing and practicing Chi Kung & Meditation for thousands of years. Thomas feels very honored to be able to bring them to the west and share these wonderful gifts with you.

What you will be learning and practicing in the Retreat: 

Chi Kung for Health and Longevity. ‘Chi’ (Qi) is a natural energy which pervades all things. Chi Kung is the practice of charging the body with fresh, balanced Chi, eliminating stale Chi and circulating Chi through all of the meridians and to every cell of the body.​

Shuang Yang - the Internal Art of the Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu, a rarely taught soft form. This is a very relaxed, fluid art which develops suppleness, mobility, calmness and balance

Sitting, Standing and Walking Meditation of the Buddhist tradition. Meditation supports our training by calming our minds, relaxing our bodies, circulating our Chi and enhancing our awareness.

"Sum Chien", the original Shaolin internal power training exercise.

Chi Kung for Internal Power, also known as Hard Chi Kung or Martial Chi Kung.

Pushing Hands, touch sensitivity drills that provide direct, hands on contact and train speed, reactions and sensitivity.

There will also be sessions of light Workouts, Stretching and Relaxation to aid and better develop our physical fitness.  Massage and Holistic Therapy treatments are available upon request. 

About The Host

Discover the real Shaolin Arts

We are extremely proud of the strength and tradition of our Shaolin Arts.

Ours are the genuine arts of the Fukienese Shaolin Temple (which inspired so many other martial arts, including Karate). We practice our arts the way they were taught by Master Ang Lian Huat (1924-84).

These are not competitions, gymnastics, or demonstration arts but genuine Kung Fu. These are the arts that made the Shaolin monks so famous. These are the genuine, secret arts only recently revealed to non-Chinese.

We are honored to be able to pass them on to you.