Christmas Day and New Year Yoga Retreat in Astana, Kazakhstan and Tashkent, Uzbekistan

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Christmas Day and New Year Yoga Retreat in Astana, Kazakhstan and Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Astana and Tashkent with our all-inclusive package, featuring an array of exciting activities such as fireworks, ice skating in a magnificent ice palace, visits to vibrant bazaars, engaging masterclasses led by local artisans, horseback riding adventures, rejuvenating yoga sessions, calming meditations, spa indulgences, captivating ethnic concerts, captivating theater performances, and lively nights at the city's best clubs. Join us for a memorable gathering filled with dancing and delectable feasts!


Daily yoga sessions, workshops, and meditation for inner peace and well-being.

Engage in masterclasses with skilled craftsmen and artisans to create your unique souvenirs.

Explore the region with various excursions, including hassle-free transfers.

Enjoy 7 nights of comfortable accommodation in luxurious 5-star hotels.

Savor 3 daily meals, each including a non-alcoholic drink, along with 2 bottled water and snacks (biscuits and bars).

Experience the enchanting celebrations of Christmas, New Year, and a delightful farewell aperitivo.

If you desire an extended stay, additional days, accommodation, meals, and program features are available at extra charges.

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What would it be like getting into the set of the famous movie "Ice Queen" based on the famous fairytale of H.K Andersen? Falling snowflakes, crystal clear frozen lake, trees covered with the white fluffy blanket. Well, this is what Central Asia is like in winter. The only difference is that the people here, unlike the villain's Ice Queen are warm, they greet you from their hearts.

The retreat program will allow you to immerse in Kazakh and Uzbek culture, art, history, and traditions. While you could experience unique activities with the new people, they invite you to reconnect with yourself and make the most of this magic period, the end of the old and the beginning of the new.

On this trip, you will have two agendas: one is for your extravert, the outgoing person inside, while the retreat part with its daily classes of yoga (in the morning and in the afternoon), meditations, and guided coaching practice will enable you to reflect 2023 and make intentions for 2024. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to combine learning yoga, visit Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, rest, rejuvenate, and socialize while doing group bonding activities with like-minded people.

Fireworks, skating in an Ice Palace, visiting a bazaar

Masterclasses from local craftsmen and horse riding

Yoga classes, meditations, and spa

Ethnic concerts, theatre, nightclubs, and more

About The Host
Sandugash Sembinova

Sandugash Sembinova

I was 20 and won a scholarship to study in the USA. Since then I have never stopped exploring, working, and living in different countries. In total, I have lived in 8 countries. This unique experience – how to create a career abroad, and how to adjust to a new environment, is reflected in the approach for Steppe by Step Training Courses.

When I realized that I had reached what I dreamt of in the early days of my career: to see the world, and to negotiate million-dollar agreements It was time to go in a different direction – my true self by sharing what I know with people.

Once I discovered yoga in 2001, it became part of my daily routine. I am a dedicated practitioner and a Certified Yoga Teacher. How to bring calm and mindfulness to a busy life and find strength inside… In search of these answers, I traveled to China, India… And now all this knowledge is reflected in our Wellness Retreats and Training Programs.


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