Emotional Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, and Wellness Detox Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Emotional Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, and Wellness Detox Retreat in Bali, Indonesia
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Every day we process food, thoughts, impressions, emotions, and other forms of energy. When that flow is continuous and clear, we are steady and flexible.​

The trouble is that we accumulate more than we process. We become weighed down under the ash and remnants of old emotions. This retreat will help you to balance the energy of the body, clear your mind, and release emotions of the past, to keep you light and vitalized.​

This retreat is open to everyone: any age, gender, or physical state - we will find a personal approach for everyone. The program starts every Saturday or Sunday.

You can participate with any purpose in mind: maintenance of your physical body, resolving any kind of stuck points in your life, coming out from depression and stress, investigating your hidden resources, or going deep inside yourself to connect with your soul.

A heavenly combination of deep yoga practice, relaxing Spa treatments, and amazing tours in beautiful Bali will help you to find joy and happiness. We seek to relax and free you of depression, break your limits and open your energy channels. This retreat is about acceptance and changes - of you and your life.

The program is based on two main principles:

Emotional release


Emotional Release

Recognize emotions as they start to arise and smile at yourself inwardly.

Behind hard work, self-control, and stress you have forgotten how to enjoy life. It's time to leave all your old emotions in the past, forgive, accept, and move forward. We will show you how simple things can make you happy!

Release emotions of your past on deep healing Meditation classes! Break your limiting perception of life! Change everything that doesn't serve you anymore!​

Learn how to relax. We provide 3 Spa treatments during your stay to show you how you can treat yourself to receiving love and care from other people!​

Discover the healing power of NATURE! We have prepared for you unforgettable tours to the most beautiful spots in the North of Bali. Every trip is a journey into your heart. What emotions can you find there? What source of energy will you feel in these place of power?


Discover your inner self through ancient Balinese healing yoga Markandeya! Combination of movements, static positions, breathing, and meditations will bring you to another level of awareness about all the blocks in your physical body.

Your body keeps the memory about your life experience, emotions of the past, traumas, and self-disconnection. Yoga and meditation is the best way to work on it and release whatever limits you. Practicing kriyas and meditations is a challenging experience. You always choose how deep you want to delve in.

During the practice, you can experience a lot of resistance and tension, but passing through it, will bring you to the inner world where you will meet with your soul, find answers to your questions, and discover your original personality. You will start feeling how your energy is moving, and you will understand that you are more than just a physical body. Attending meditation classes at our Retreat will give you a deep spiritual experience you have never received.

Spa treatments

Learn how to relax. We provide 3 Spa treatments during your stay to show you how you can treat yourself by receiving love and care from other people!

Excursions to the Places of Power

Discover the healing power of NATURE! We have prepared for you unforgettable tours to the most beautiful spots in the North of Bali. Every trip is a journey into your heart.

Santhipala - purification and meditation at the holy waterfall.

Our highlight tour is to the secret and holy Santhipala Waterfall, where we will conduct Malukat - a purification ceremony to clean your body, mind, and spirit on 7 chakra levels. Surrounded by powerful nature, we will practice meditation at the waterfall. At the end of the trip we will have lunch in the middle of beautiful rice fields at the organic farm.

Dolphins - marine adventure tour with snorkeling in dolphins area and coral reef.

Only on the northern coast of Bali can you get this unique and unforgettable experience - watching dolphins in the wild! The tour starts in the morning, a bit after sunrise to avoid the crowds. Dolphins come very close to the boats at this time of day. ​Such an amazing experience is waiting for you when you get into the water and swim with the dolphins!

Banjar - the biggest Buddhist temple and holy hot spring.

Your mind will stop running  immediately after you enter the holy space of the biggest Buddhist Temple in Bali, Brahma Vihara. Such a nice place to meditate!​​

The Pagoda of the Temple is a replica of the world's largest Buddhist archeological site, Borobudur.​ Holy Hot Springs are located nearby. You can swim in the hot baths, make a hydromassage, and bring deep relaxation and healing into your body.

Secret Garden - waterfalls trekking in a beautiful surrounding of Sambangan village.

Secret Garden trekking tour will bring you to the beautiful green hill area between Sambangan and Ambengan villages, where you will visit Blue Lagoon, Aling-aling, Kroya, and Pucuk waterfalls. You can do sliding, jumping, swimming and just enjoy the beauty of the stunning nature.


The most important conversations you'll ever have are the ones you'll have with yourself. We all are playing the Game of Life. We are wearing different masks and show a wide range of emotions. 

Who is the original you?

What is serving you and what is draining your energy?

All answers are inside us, we just need to become aware about our own wisdom.

Self-awareness Leela Game

During the Retreat you will participate in the transformative Self-awareness Leela Game.

Leela Game has been used for many centuries for clearing up negative mental tendencies and developing a higher conscience. Playing this game opens your awareness to mind patterns and thus can change you life and destiny. It is not a simple game but a transformative psychological and spiritual practice.​

In a few hours of play, you may learn MORE than you would during years of spiritual or psychological practices. You will find out where and how you are limiting yourself, expand your perception, and your consciousness, and eliminate stereotypesthinking patterns, and subconscious programs that constrain you.

During this game you will go into a deeper understanding of:​

What's going on in my life "here and now"?

Where and why am I stuck?

What obstacles are preventing me from achieving my goals?

How do I achieve more clarity, awareness, and harmony?

What and how should I change?

Who drains my energy in the journey of life?

Where can I find the strength to accumulate energy to achieve my goals?​

Aroma Psychology​

No matter our age, lifestyle, or geographic location, one thing that all humans have in common is that we experience emotions every day. Emotions are an inescapable part of being a human, and they have a serious impact on our happiness and wellbeing. Although emotions are somewhat mysterious, they can be characterized as complex internal reactions that will differ from person to person.

Used anciently for their ability to influence emotions, essential oils are still useful today for managing mood and promoting uplifting feelings. Those who don’t know about the rich history of essential oils and aromatherapy might assume that using essential oils for emotions (and other purposes) is merely a new trend that will soon pass. However, the popularity of aromatherapy has continued to grow since ancient times as essential oils have constantly proven an effective method for managing emotions. In addition to historic examples of aromatherapy, more recent research and scientific findings have also helped to prove the success of essential oils for managing mood.​

We offer a unique experience based on aroma psychology. You choose intuitively where you experience imbalance and find the essential oil that will give you a source of energy to work with your destructive emotions or mental blocks. At the end of the game, you will receive a chakra balancing kit or resourceful perfume that you will bring home to continue the process of healing. Spiritual messages that you pick up during the game will guide you on your further life path.