Express Fitness: Weight Loss & Fitness Retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah (4-Day Program)

4 Days, Multiple Departures

Express Fitness: Weight Loss & Fitness Retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah (4-Day Program)
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Revitalize your mind and body, shed a few pounds, tone up, renew your life, and reignite your motivation. Our express fitness retreat offers a focused and condensed wellness program designed for a short yet impactful reset. After the retreat, continue your journey with our app for ongoing support. Rates are for single occupancy in our standard king room.

Our Express Reset Retreat provides:

Structured Fitness Classes: The retreat includes a variety of fitness classes such as yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Pilates, or other group exercises. These classes aim to improve strength, flexibility, and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Nutritional Guidance: Participants receive guidance on healthy eating habits and nutrition. This involves workshops on meal planning, cooking demonstrations, and information on balanced diets to support fitness goals.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction: The fitness retreats incorporate mindfulness and stress reduction activities. This includes meditation sessions, nature walks, or workshops on stress management techniques.

Personalized Coaching: Participants have access to fitness trainers and coaches who provide personalized guidance on exercise routines and techniques. This individualized attention can help attendees make the most of their short retreat.

Educational Workshops: Workshops on various aspects of health and wellness, such as sleep, hydration, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, may be included to empower participants with knowledge to make better choices.

Outdoor Activities: Outdoor activities like hiking, pickle ball, or other adventure sports are a part of the program, adding an element of fun and variety to the fitness experience.

Relaxation and Recovery: Our fitness retreats emphasize the importance of recovery. Spa sessions, massage, and other relaxation activities are incorporated to help participants rejuvenate and unwind.

Group Support and Community: The retreat environment encourages a sense of community among participants. Group activities and a supportive atmosphere contribute to a positive and motivating experience.

Alumni Coaching & Accountability: We have an app you use while at camp and continue to use once you return home.

About The Host

The retreat place was created with that definition in mind by a small group of fitness & health experts, experienced veterans in the “weight loss retreat” industry, and a passionate entrepreneur with a vision. In 2011, the idea for the fitness retreat was born as this group united to create something special and different than other fitness camps and weight loss retreats. Because our founders had worked for many years in the industry at several other live-in camps, they knew the place had to be different than what they had experienced before, it had to be the most effective place for people to make major lifestyle transformations.


Things to keep in mind