Wellness & Mindfulness Retreat - Autumn Harvest in France

Oct 9 to Oct 13, 2024

Wellness & Mindfulness Retreat - Autumn Harvest in France
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At this time of year, nature reflects to us a bit of everything – abundant resources, colourful celebration, loss, decay and transformation, daylight retreating, temperatures dropping. It is surely the time when we get to feel it all – gratitude, nostalgia, quiet contemplation and joyful steps into the unknown. ​

Autumn in the Alps does not disappoint. The cows descend the mountains, ringing in this time to ready ourselves for winter; the food gets richer and comforts us deeply after a day out in fresh air; and the colours are breathtaking.


Our 4-night wellness and mindfulness retreats are designed to help foster connection with yourself, others and nature. Located in Morzine in the French Alps, you can expect stunning scenery; delicious, locally sourced, gourmet food; and movement that grounds and challenges in equal measure, from yoga and meditation to exhilarating mountain hikes and wild swimming.

Step away from daily life and give yourself a chance to focus on what’s important; allow yourself to spend a few precious days in nature practising mindfulness and set clear intentions for how to improve your wellness in the long term.

But these are no ordinary retreats…..


A new type of retreat.

Here’s where our experiences differ from your run-of-the-mill wellness retreat — you’ll be guided through the entire process by a professional life and leadership coach. This facilitator will work with you to ensure you return to your daily life with a clear path forward and a framework to achieve it.

This isn’t just a holiday.

It’s a carefully crafted and guided experience to help you align with both your inner purpose and the outer world — enabling you to move forward with intention.

Before you arrive

We start the experience with self-reflection exercises and a 2-hour pre-retreat coaching session with Caitlin where you’ll delve into the values and experiences that make you feel fully alive. You’ll set clear, personal intentions for your Summer Flourishing and prepare to bring your full self to the retreat.

What's Included:

Sample menu for our Autumn Retreat

Canape & cocktail : Foraged raspberry jelly ear mushrooms; miso aubergine croquettes served with homegrown plums – served with a bay and wild blackberry virgin bramble.

Starter : Baby carrot and local goat’s cheese salad, served with foraged elderberry balsamic, crispy quinoa and foraged wild flowers.

Main : Wild mushroom arancini scotch egg, served with pan-fried wild mushrooms, wild foraged greens, wild garlic pesto and a butternut squash and truffle puree.

Dessert : Baked homegrown- apples served with a wild blackberry coulis, burnt apple puree, spent grain crumb, homemade malt ice cream, homegrown marigolds and foraged wild flowers.

An inspired and supported way forwards

All too often, the holiday-glow fades moments after we return to life as usual. Our Back to Nature retreats don’t end when you pack your bags and leave the chalet. ​

With integration homework, useful tools to deepen your outdoor reflection practice, an in-depth post-retreat coaching session and discounted ongoing offers, we continue to support you as you take your path forwards.​

About The Host

We are a luxury chalet company based in Morzine, France in the heart of the Alps. We offer holidays in our self catered and catered chalets for skiers in the winter and in the summer, we offer self catered holidays for people wanting to enjoy a wide variety of mountain activities or just enjoy the views. Sustainability is at the heart of absolutely everything we do.

Things to keep in mind