Full Wild Kitesurfing Experience in Peru

7 Days, Multiple Departures

Full Wild Kitesurfing Experience in Peru
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The full Wild Kite Experience: choose between surf, SUP or Yoga every morning. + select one of our excursions (whale watching, diving, SUP tour, fishing, etc.). + 1 therapeutical massage

Everybody who rides a kite on water for the first time will be forever stoked! That is why the goal when you start your kiteboarding lessons is to ride independently as soon as possible. After finishing the course, you’ll be able to purchase your own equipment, kite anywhere in the planet, and join our worldwide kitesurfing family!

The best equipment - Does make the difference!

I can assure you that the gear will have a significant impact on how quickly and safely you learn to kitesurf. We at Wild Kite only use last-generation equipment from the brands we love and trust.

High Calibre Coaches - We have the raddest instructors

Even more essential than having the best gear is having the proper instructor. Each year we spend time selecting the hippest and most experienced instructors available. .

Get IKO Certified - The guarantee of quality.

We are the only IKO certified school in the whole North of the country. Getting yourself IKO certified will not only guarantee a level of quality but you will be able to rent and/or continue your learning process anywhere in the world!

The Owl says we’re #1! - Kite with us, we’re famous

Just kidding! However, we are Mancora’s top-rated attraction on Trip Advisor.

Walkie-Talkies - Houston, do you copy?

Walkie-Talkie communication is an option to help you learn faster and feel more confident in the water.

Join the family - Good vibes in & out the water

Kitesurfing is all about the community. This might be the best part of this sport: getting your member card to a super friendly family!

About The Host


Axel knows the north coasts of Peru like the back of his hand as he has been exploring it since 2008, when he fell in love with hte place. Axel's main function is to make your journey perfect. And he steps in for the wave riding coaching.

Things to keep in mind