Holistic Yoga Teacher Training - 200 Hours in Nepal

25 Days, Multiple Departures

Holistic Yoga Teacher Training - 200 Hours in Nepal
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Our  Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal can be the first step in a life transformative journey of health and wellness. This program is conducted 7 times a year to guarantee the best of the best teachers are available for this unique certification training. You will be learning from highly experienced, talented and compassionate instructors. Often our students describe our program as a life changing, healing and transformative experience. Participating in a certified 200hr yoga teacher training & applied yoga anatomy will transform & inspire you for self-sustainability as a global yoga teacher. 

We are a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates this teacher training program as one that follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete a Yoga Teacher Training with us are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs)

Suitable for

Beginners & Intermediate
Improve Self Practice
Self Healing
Improve Lifestyle
Holistic Approach
Lay Spiritual Foundation
Nature Friendly

What can you expect?

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow A & B

Multiple Hatha Yoga Flow

Prop based practices

Different styles of Sun Salutation

Yin & Restorative Session

Multiple styles of guided meditation techniques

Philosophy & Anatomy Physiology at its best

Extended Ayurveda Session

Singing Bowl Meditation Session

Yoga alliance certification at the end of the course

Exhilarating Evening Kirtan Sessions (If you're into music, do bring your musical instruments)

Sunrise Yoga Tour overlooking the Annapurna Mountain Range

Safe, Accessible & Equitable Yoga Teaching

Ancient teachings brought into contemporary context

Surrounded in beautiful nature away from hustle & bustle of city overlooking fewa lake

Sound of singing birds, amazing sunrises & millions of stars & moonlight

Experience ashram lifestyle in the comfortable, clean & natural setting

Plenty of open space for self study & personal practice

Pick up & Drop off within Pokhara Lakeside & Pokhara Airport

Welcome Kit: Training Manual of 360 pages, Notebook & Pen, Canvas bag, Rosery bead, Neti pot & Chant book

Accommodation: Sharing & Private

Food: Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten free

Drinks: Safe Drinking Water & Herbal Tea

Yoga Accessories: Yoga Mat, Block, Strap, Cushions & Bolsters

4 different yoga teachers available for this unique yoga teacher training program


A. Philosophy

1. Yoga Humanities
- Etymology of Yoga
- Origin & Development
- Principles of Yoga
- Aims & Objectives of Yoga
- Misconceptions about Yoga

2. Wheel of Yoga
- Bhakti Yoga
- Karma Yoga
- Jnana Yoga
- Raja Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga of Sage Patanjali)
- Hatha Yoga
- Kriya Yoga

3. Introduction to Six Systems of Indian Philosophy

4. Major Yogic Texts
- Patanjali Yoga Darshana
- Hatha Yoga Texts
- Bhagavad Gita

5. Important Yogic Concepts
- Triguna Theory
- Pancha Kosha

6.Yoga Sutras
- Definition of yoga
- Vrittis
- Yamas & Niyamas
- Asana
- Pranayama
- Pratyahara
- Dharana
- Dhyana
- Samadhi
- Kleshas
- Obstacles in Sadhana

7. Mantras: Chanting & Meaning

8. Nadis
- Ida
- Pingala
- Sushumna

9. Pancha Prana
- Prana
- Apana
- Samana
- Udana
- Vyana

10. Chakras & Yoga
- Bija mantras and chakras,
- Elements, Colours & Chakras

11. Teaching Methodology
- Role of a Teacher
- Themeing the class
- Classroom organisation
- Content and levels of Instruction
- Demonstration

B. Practice

12. Asanas
- Traditional Surya Namaskar
- Surya Namaskar A & B
- Satyananda Style Suryanamaskar
- Pawanmuktasana Series 1,2,3
- Relaxing Asanas
- Meditative Asanas
- Standing Asanas
- Forward Bending Asanas
- Back Extensions
- Twisting Asanas
- Inverted Asanas
- Arm Loading Asanas
- Asana Flow
- Breathe Body Co-ordination
- Individualized Asana Alignment

13. Pranayama
- Sectional Breathing
- Yogic Breathing
- Surya Abhyas
- Chandra Abhyas
- Surya Bhedan
- Chandra Bhedan
- Nadi Shodhana
- Ujjayi
- Sheetkari
- Shitali
- Bhastrika
- Bhramari

14. Mudra & Bandha
- Cultural Mudras
- Hand Mudras
- Facial Mudras
- Tribandha(Jalandhar, Uddiyana & Moola)

15. Kriyas
- Kapalbhati
- Jala Neti
- Laghoo Shankha Prakshalana
- Vaman Dhauti
- Agnisar Kriya
- Introduction to Nauli Kriya
- Trataka

16. Pratyahara
- Yoga Nidra
- Morning Mantras

17. Dharna & Dhyana
- Deha Dharana
- Prana Dharana
- Aum Meditation
- Ajapa Japa
- Antar Mouna
- Japa Yoga
- Nada Yoga (Science of Sound Meditation)
- Chakra Meditation
- SWAN Meditation
- Trataka
- Review of the day
- Osho dynamic Meditation
- Cyclic Meditation
- Singing bowl Meditation

C. Anatomy and Physiology

18. Anatomy & Physiology
- What is Anatomy
- What is Physiology
- Skeletal System
- Muscular System
- Digestive System
- Respiratory System
- Circulatory/Cardiovascular System
- Nervous System
- Endocrine System
- Excretory System
- Physiological Effects of various Yogic Practices

19. Yogic Anatomy
- Chakras
- Nadis
- Pancha Prana
- Upa Prana
- Pancha Kosha

20. Introduction Sound Healing & Singing Bowl

D. Teaching Methodology

- Adjustment and Alignment
- Preparation & atmosphere
- Sequencing and transitions
- Pacing and Cueing/instruction
- Overall class management
- Installing qualities to be a good teacher

E. Yoga Ethics
- Yoga Ethical Commitment
- How to promote inclusion, diversity & accessibility
- Accountability

F. Professional Development
- General professionalism
- Continuing education
- Marketing and promotion
- Yoga-related professional organizations

About The Host

We offer a sanctuary space where people from all walks of life can experience authentic yoga, yogic living, and learning how to find balance in daily life. It’s the go-to yoga retreat for an authentic yoga experience and a gentle stepping stone for anyone wishing to explore simple traditional ashram living.


Things to keep in mind