Immersive Surf Camp in Nicaragua

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Immersive Surf Camp in Nicaragua
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Your Surf Camp in Nicaragua is here

We are located beachside at pristine Playa Escameca Grande. Wake up and the beach is waiting! Uncrowded waves are right in front of the hotel!

We provide the perfect opportunity to learn how to surf. This is your chance! Nicaragua is a great place to learn but many try and do it at the crowded and more popular surf breaks. Playa Escameca is far enough away from San Juan del Sur that it doesn’t attract the same crowds as the beaches closer to town. And the waves are perfect for beginners. The more waves you can catch the quicker you will learn how to surf. And when you stay this close to the waves you will be in the water at every opportunity.

Our surf program is led by guides who are really stoked to do what they love and to pass that love on to you. Enjoy your days with no crowds, intimate instruction, and all-day offshore wind. Come and make the most out of your surf vacation and actually learn how to surf.

Your surf experience starts off with the tips and tricks for an unforgettable surf experience in our educational Surf Clinic, where our guides unveil the secrets to the perfect surf, the waves, the pop-ups, and the swell. Prepare well on land, to make the most out of your experience on the water. During your week you will get lots of time in the water and be able to practice everything you are learning with your surf instructors. To finish off the week surf photography will be taken and you will leave happy with a new skill and some action shots!

Your surfing lessons will be combined with yoga as you relax from the exertions of the day!

Nicaragua is famous for surfing and its uncrowded waves.

Playa Escameca is our main spot but there is a lot more around and depending on the conditions we will take you to different beaches to make sure you get the most out of your surf experience.

Check out the different breaks below:

Playa Escameca

Our almost private and beautiful beach. The waves break right in front of our cabins and bungalows and the conditions are perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. The beach is very safe with no rocks, sandy bottom, and no strong currents.

Playa Yankee

Right next to us is the famous Playa Yankee with probably the best wave in the south. On the main peak, intermediate and advanced surfers will have a blast and get spit out of the wedge barrel. You can walk to Playa Yankee by taking a jungle walk of around 15 minutes.

Playa Hermosa

Hermosa means beautiful and it is a fitting name. It is the longest beach in the south and perfect for every surf level. There is a nice restaurant with good food and nice drinks, lots of shade and hammocks. Going there is an afternoon well spent.

Playa Remanso

Remanso is the main beginner break in the San Juan del Sur area and it can get crowded quite a bit. Nevertheless, it is a nice beach and if the swell is really big beginners still have a chance to paddle out. The beach lies within a cove and a lot of the big waves get blocked by the rocks.

About The Host

Though we are blessed with natural beauty, what makes our place a one-of-a-kind gem is our team and community. While most resorts scout talent from far and wide to find the skill sets they require, at Costa Dulce we understand the value of creating prosperity for our neighborhood.

Though there has not been a history of tourism in our area, we have helped our neighbors evolve and learn, with extremely rewarding results. Our team is now one of the best in the business with 100% of our local staff coming from the rural villages that surround Costa Dulce, where alternative employment opportunities are extremely limited.

Things to keep in mind