Kung Fu Basics + Peace Games Training in Orinda, California (3 Days)

3 Days, Multiple Departures

Kung Fu Basics + Peace Games Training in Orinda, California (3 Days)
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Learn directly from Grand Master Marilyn Cooper! Private lessons in standing or seated meditation, Taoist Qigong breath-work, Northern Shaolin, Taijiquan, Push Hands, Chin Na, and the basics of the primary Chinese weapon (staff, broadsword, straight sword, spear).


Learn Taoist meditation, breathwork, and Yi Ch'uan

Learn 2-person forms such as Push Hands if you come with a partner

Daily morning and optional afternoon review of your chosen forms

Combat forms like 2-person broadsword, Chin Na, or the 88 for advanced-level partners

Enjoy walks and hikes around San Francisco Bay area

Learn the Tai Chi Peace Games

All forms are posted on YouTube for review

2 nights accommodation

Skill level





Training is available in the morning and afternoon so that students can either practice in the afternoon or enjoy the San Francisco Bay Area - the redwoods, the beaches, Chinatown, wine country - all the wonders of the region. Free hiking on safe, wide trails across the street from Sifu's residence is also possible.

Students who want to learn the Tai Chi Peace Games are most welcome and may be permitted to be on the list of Peace Games Ambassadors. Sifu and her students have already brought the Peace Games to many international sites, such as Addis Ababa, Ahero, Nepal, Vienna, Paris, Nijmegen, and Ydrefors, but there are so many more sites that want them. No prior training is necessary for the Peace Games training. They are exceptional for teachers who want to develop a harmonious classroom environment.

To attend lessons, you must be over 16 or accompanied by a legal guardian, and no age limit for elders. Tai Chi is done without using strength or speed and improvements in balance and circulation are guaranteed. Qigong is designed to stimulate circulation to the brain, which will enhance concentration, focus, and memory.



About The Host
Marilyn Cooper

Marilyn Cooper

Grandmaster Marilyn Cooper has been training and teaching for over 50 years. She's a tournament grand champion in Northern Shaolin and an international gold medalist in Tai Chi. She has trained lei tai and push hands champions as well as students who have started their schools. GM Cooper runs a national non-profit organization that teaches Tai Chi Peace Games to at-risk youth all over the world. Grandmaster Marilyn Cooper welcomes everyone, and in particular, loves to train and teach women how to defend themselves.


Things to keep in mind