Premier Fitness Bootcamp in Marbella, Spain (8 Days)

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Premier Fitness Bootcamp in Marbella, Spain (8 Days)
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Is it time to put your health back in the foreground? Use your next vacation in Spain for this! Train together with Franco in Andalusia - after Mallorca we now rock Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Your personal trainer/head coach Marbella shows you in Marbella.

Why sport is so important for your health and which endurance sport is guaranteed to be the best for you,

how to specifically fight your streaky bacon and how much exercise you need to lose weight in a healthy and structured way,

What to consider after a hard workout

How to defeat the inner bastard in order to achieve your training goals in the long term.

Personal training is suitable for adults of all ages - including seniors.

About The Host
Franco Wierigs

Franco Wierigs

After becoming self-employed as a bodyguard and security service provider, in 2008 he moved back to sports, fitness, and health. In addition to the existing Trainer B license, he also acquired a further 8 training certificates. With this training in his luggage, he started his vision of becoming the best-known German personal trainer in Mallorca. The media also became aware of the striking types and hired him as a TV expert for various TV formats such as "Goodbye Germany", "Rockin Mallorca", "Der Gesundmacher", "Don't Smoke on the Water", "n -tv deluxe ”. In summer 2014 he moved to Marbella.

The fitness camps he launched in 2009 have been in Marbella, on the Costa del Sol since 2014 (330 days of sunshine a year). Wierigs is, among other things, the author and editor of several eBooks and fitness guides. He speaks four languages ​​and is now the best-known German personal trainer in Spain, his fitness camps are now market leaders in Europe, he is on-site for his customers all year round and when his customers get back on the plane fit and strengthened, on departure he is satisfied and did his "homework".


Things to keep in mind