Surf and Yoga in Mentawais, Indonesia

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Surf and Yoga in Mentawais, Indonesia
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Mentawai Islands is a destination of dreams. It’s 17,000 island’s boast the worlds best beaches, rainforests and of course, surf. Steeped in rich culture and spirituality, with stunning coastline and delicious food, there is no better place to explore.

Dreams Come True

There may be nowhere else on earth that delivers the consistency and quality of waves found in the Mentawais. From fast scary barrels, to mellow hidden gems, there is something for every level of surfer here. Warm clear water, sparkling sunshine and endless swell, this is truly a surfer’s dream come true.

Seclusion at its best

This secluded island is surrounded by white sand beaches, magnificent coral reef, turquoise water and lush tropical vegetation.

Yoga and Wellness

The Yoga and Wellness Experience is an important element of your retreat. Guests leave not only feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired but they also feel ‘The Bliss’ of experiencing a renewed sense of enjoyment for life, family and even their career. 

We will offer a week of delicious yoga that nurtures the mind and body to open and restore the muscles and energy after a day of surfing. Our practices are designed to illuminate acceptance and gratitude for the moment and offer invitations to absorb mind-body-soul nourishment through grounding, opening, and restorative flows.

Are you ready to be spoiled by super yummy cuisine, perfect waves, juicy restorative yoga in a tropical paradise? The islands are remote, but it’s sooooo worth the adventure!

Escape to a hidden treasure

This secluded tropical island is surrounded by a white sand beach, magnificent coral reef, turquoise water, and lush tropical vegetation. Oh, and did we mention just a short walk away from the resort is an all-levels surf break and a 10-20 minute boat ride away access to a plethora of premier surf breaks?

The resort is a beautiful Boutique Resort with only 10 beachfront bungalows, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and a 2 km private white sand beach.  Each bungalow is entirely self-contained, with its own private ocean-facing deck, and is constructed using only the highest quality materials.

The Surf

The Mentawais are considered to be one of the most consistent and diverse surfing destinations on the planet. For those intermediate/advanced surfers, you’ll have access to a number of breaks including Iceland, Ombak Tidur, Seven Palms to name a few.  Your package includes 6 days with 2 daily speedboat surf sessions (morning & afternoon) with our experienced surf guide and coach. 

For our beginners, you’ll be surfing at a break called Tikus and your package includes 5 lessons on a soft-top longboard.

Very important to note:  all of the surf breaks are over coral reef.  We will teach you how to fall flat in the hope of avoiding injury, but there is a risk of scrapes and cuts. Reef shoes can be worn, but keep in mind they are not eco for the water environment.

About The Host
Lulu Agan

Lulu Agan

Surfing, yoga, cooking, and wellness: these 4 passions are what lead Lulu Agan, globe-trotting surfer and yogini. 

Having spent more than a decade as a Private Chef and more recently getting certified as a Health & Wellness Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Lulu cultivates a great knowledge and enthusiasm for top-quality cuisine that promotes glowing health, from the inside out. As a supportive mentor and wellness authority, she works with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes by tailoring nutrition and wellness programs to meet our clients’ needs.

Lulu is at most home amongst the waves and beaches in the tropics, where she continuously nurtures an uncanny ability to track down the most remote, lush surf breaks — no matter where in the world she is!

A certified yoga instructor since 2017, Lulu deeply respects how the ancient art of yoga can temper the explosive energy used during surfing, as well as yoga’s potential to bring together people of any country, age, or gender. To Lulu, the ocean has the power to erase egos, unleash the bare human spirit, and teach one to color outside of the lines, while yoga brings balance and a deep, supportive connection to oneself — all lessons that can be easily carried from the surfboard or yoga mat back to daily life, allowing that raw passion to color our every moment.

Lulu aims to empower our retreats and inspire our guests by being a living example of an impassioned, well-balanced life; filled to the brim with as much surfing, yoga, meditation and gratitude as humanly possible.


Things to keep in mind