The Argan Trek Horse Riding Holiday in Morocco

8 Days, Multiple Departures

The Argan Trek Horse Riding Holiday in Morocco
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During these eight days in Essaouira, of which you are on horseback, you will delve into the hinterland of the Essaouira region. You will cross the largest area of ​​Argan and cedar forest. Trees have created the area's reputation for craftsmanship, thanks to inlays and oil with multiple properties.

You will have the opportunity to visit a cooperative of women who produce Argan oil, observe the processing that is still carried out by hand, and taste the edible oil which has excellent health properties.
You will visit the local souk (market), and the old sugar factories, you will pass by the largest Argan tree in the region.

Do not forget the wonderful canyons that you will cross along the Ksob River, which with its branches provides nourishment to local crops and the many wild palm trees.

You will have the opportunity to meet many camels in semi-freedom along the way, grazing cows, goats, and sheep with shepherds, donkeys, and mules working the fields.
The friendliness of the locals is a strong point of this horse trekking, stopping for a cup of tea at the home of someone you meet and eating homemade, improvised bread. These are activities on the agenda, which are part of the wonderful unexpected events that this route offers.

You will cross the great dunes of Cap Sim, the very long beach that connects Sidi Kaouky to the city of Essaouira, where you can gallop in serenity and finally experience the feeling of freedom, running with our faithful Arab Berber steeds.

The circuit starts and finishes at the Ranch de Diabat equestrian center in Essaouira.

About The Host
Erika, Omar, and Mohamed

Erika, Omar, and Mohamed

Erika, Omar, and Mohamed began to work hard because they had a dream in common, to bring horse trekking in Morocco to the world.
So began appearances at all the international trade fairs, lots of one-week treks, more horses and equestrian equipment added, logistical experience acquired, an invaluable asset, and the staff began to increase in number, as well as the national and international collaborations.
The three partners, however, had the dream of making the ranch a reference point in Morocco, not only for national and international equestrian tourism but also for a multi-sport center.

Following this idea, they gradually added several dromedaries, designing a comfortable saddle for trekking over several days. They began to study routes suitable for trekking on foot, accompanied by logistics that had been tried and tested for years.
They began to acquire a large number of quads, even though it was an environmentally unfriendly sport, but using this means to help their customers discover the beauty of the unspoiled nature around Essaouira, with the utmost respect for nature and the animals encountered along the way.
Other activities were added over the years, such as treasure hunts in the medina of Essaouira, yoga in nature, and angling.

The desire to go further, to progress, and never stop, spurred the three young people to acquire a lot of material for the organization of Luxury Bivouacs and Weddings in nature. From here a big jump in the world of cinema, in the work of assistance and logistics and supply of films, musicals, video clips, and presentations of new brands of cars/motorbikes, shot in the region of Essaouira, as well as the assistance of Rally and cars/motorbikes passing in the region.
Although this journey has brought us much satisfaction, the desire to create new experiences is always at the forefront, and even now after this strange year of the Pandemic, there are many new things in the pipeline.

We will still be able to surprise and amaze you.
Thanks to the staff who always work hard and never give up.


Things to keep in mind