The Atlantis Call - Shamanic Water Journey in Mexico

Nov 24 to Nov 30, 2024

The Atlantis Call - Shamanic Water Journey in Mexico
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It will be the first time for the tribe to gather in Mexico. Yelapa is home to beautiful beaches, a 60-foot-high waterfall, a quaint authentic village, and plenty of beautiful trails to hike, wander, and explore.

It is only accessible by boat, a 45-minute ride from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in Mexico. There are no cars or traffic in Yelapa, so it is the perfect place to unwind.

Yelapa is one of the few remaining places on Earth where the original inhabitants still reside on, own, and control their own land.

The retreat center has a total capacity of 32 spots.

After the 7 nights on the shore of the Pacific Ocean we will be offering an optional 5 days Temple Initiation through the most sacred temples of Mexico.

Program Flow

Our Sacred Water Journeys are designed to enable you to step into your full power through a variety of water initiation practices. Our retreat is based on shamanic principles and commerce with an immersion into your subconscious mind and the sea. Facing your fears and building up your self-confidence is the key to freediving. Our experienced team will hold space for you to feel safe. Once the emotions have come to the surface we will focus on their release with a deeply healing Harmonic Waterflow Therapy. Encounters with dolphins are known to be heart opening and lifting up the spirits of humans. Music integration circles and creative journaling will enable you to create a version of yourself that you want to be. Our integration starts during the retreat with sharing circles and continues on Zoom after the journey.

The Temple Tour and Jungle Tour

We are going to visit the Mayan Pyramids for an initiation journey and receive valuable insights into the culture and mythology of the Mayan civilisation. We will be working with local guides and shamans to facilitate a truly local experience rooted in the land. These spiritual experiences will offer a unique perspective on the ancient traditions associated with the pyramids.

About The Host

Our mission is to offer our guests and collaborators an opportunity to dive into themselves and discover their inner wisdom through the power of water. Our life-changing journeys are unforgettable changing points in the lives of our guests. 


Things to keep in mind