The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp in Mallorca, Spain (4 weeks)

29 Days, Multiple Departures

The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp in Mallorca, Spain (4 weeks)
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The experience has everything you need to make new friends, find the new and improved you, work out and relax. Here you find all of the motivation and encouragement you need to kickstart a new healthier lifestyle. Join for one week or stay up to eight weeks and experience a total fitness transformation set over an unforgettable summer.

Look forward to

A new lease of life, improved fitness and new friends in a Mallorcan paradise.

Mixed impact classes give you a total body transformation rapidly (Strength training,  Circuit training, Hight intensity interval training, Endurance and & Crossfit Style exercises).

Motivation guaranteed! Train with fun, like-minded people and professional trainers!

Outdoor training area, right next door to the accommodation.

Stay at the UF Bootcamp Apartment, exclusively for our Bootcampers! Close to the beach (5 min walk) in a stunning and secluded bay. Ensuite rooms, roof terrace, balconies and other chill areas.

Find a new addiction! Unlimited SUP access and daily yoga sessions (Mon-Fri).

Dedicated trainers will help you get fitter, no matter your fitness level.

Our own massage room on Campus with an experienced masseuse, perfect to relax those muscles.

Low-cost flights to Mallorca, with its stunning beaches, make this an attractive fitness break!

Help with organizing airport transfers.

Why Spain?

The location of our Fitness Bootcamp in Spain is very special. Mallorca is known to be a very popular holiday destination for its beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes, but it’s also an exceptionally good place to run a Fitness Bootcamp.

The Spain Fitness Bootcamp is located in the north of the island, sandwiched between a world heritage site, the beautiful picturesque resort town of Cala sant Vincent, and a national park.

Imagine feeling better about your fitness, meeting other like-minded people and staying at the beautiful UF Bootcamp close to the beach! Kind of makes you want to drop everything immediately and pursue a fitter healthier you! This gives great opportunities to do exceptionally fun and effective workout sessions all outdoors in a beautiful natural environment.

Training sessions can vary, sometimes we take you into the mountains, and at other times you’ll be in the national park, training with squat racks on our own training grounds or joining a super cool beach workout session where you can dip into the Mediterranean after a hard training session!

A Fitness Bootcamp is not all about working out, it’s important to stress the fun social atmosphere you get in these types of camps. The majority of people do tend to come alone, which makes them a great place to meet people.

Everyone is in the same boat, it’s a super supportive atmosphere and very conducive to reaching your fitness goals, without feeling like it’s hard work.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of healthy restaurants to enjoy with your fellow Bootcampers not to mention beautiful beaches to explore in your downtime. And you might as well take full advantage, after all, you will now have the perfect beach body!

We provide from Monday to Friday a healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch.

There are plenty of other activities on offer as well not just fitness training. The Bootcamp is located a 10 min drive from the perfect kite spot, where you can learn to Kite Surf if you’re feeling adventurous!

We also offer in-house massages! Sports massages or relaxing massages will help you relax your muscles and mind.

Training and meals

On our Mallorca Bootcamp, we can only offer so many accommodation options. It is lovely, supportive, super social, and close to the beach. But be quick, because most weeks get sold out.

If we have no space left, or if you are looking for a bit more luxurious options, or if you are enjoying a family holiday in the stunning North of Mallorca, you can also opt for the following options.

Travelling alone

Most people who attend the camp, are independent travelers and arrive at the camp on their own. We have excellent and super-friendly staff who will make you feel welcome during your stay with us.

If you are concerned about travelling solo, don't be. There is such a social atmosphere at the camp, and it is a really supportive environment where everyone gets to know each other very quickly. Serious physical exercise and new adventures in a group can be quite a bonding experience we assure you! So really it does not take long for people to get to know one another.

Book with confidence

4 incredible Bootcamp locations.
Unrivalled support with your fitness journey.
Great value.
1-12 week options.
Bootcamps that fit all budgets.
From beginners to advance levels of fitness and all ages.

About The Host

We have been providing bootcamps since 2008 for our clients from all over the world proudly becoming market leaders in the fitness bootcamp industry. While many boot camp operators exist, no other company operates their own resorts in multiple locations with rolling start dates and guaranteed groups 365 days a year. With dedicated resorts, over 10,000 sq meters of training facilities, and staff in multiple locations in Mallorca, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Bali.

We are dedicated to providing genuinely positive life-changing experiences with health and fitness at the forefront of what we do. Our team has expertise in multiple areas of fitness and is completely passionate about bringing out the best in our clients.


Things to keep in mind