The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp in Phuket, Thailand (4 weeks)

29 Days, Multiple Departures

The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp in Phuket, Thailand (4 weeks)
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Phuket, arguably one of the best fitness holiday destinations in the world. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. We are proud to say, we were the first fitness camp to operate from there, leading the way to making this a premier fitness destination.

Home to  Ultimate Fitness Thailand Bootcamp, and it's a beach lover's paradise. While there are many gyms in the vicinity, nothing is quite like the UF experience. Instead of just joining a gym, we create a holiday experience, with the most luxurious accommodation, coupled with excursions and activities.

Not only can this genuinely be a life-changing experience, but it is a great vacation too! See physical progress, benefit mentally, and become a better version of yourself. Find out what you can expect from this incredible camp.

Look forward to

A new lease of life improved fitness and new friends in paradise.

Very well-equipped fitness resort with, Yoga Shala, Indoor and Outdoor gym.

Unlimited access 6 days a week.

Motivation guaranteed! Train with fun, like-minded people and professional trainers!

Luxury boutique accommodation is available or choose a cheaper shared room alternative.

Advanced fitness techniques taught by top fitness professionals.

Social excursions... you don't want to miss the Big Buddha Run!

Why Thailand?

Set away from the nightlife and temptation, the camp is located in the south-central part of Phuket in Chalong. Clear from the overcrowded tourist resorts, the training facility backs on to the Thai jungle where we are close to Chalong Temple, and overlooked by the big Buddha off to the distance.

This really is a beautiful part of the island. 

You will work hard on your fitness holiday, and you will deserve some pampering. That's exactly what you get with the luxury boutique accommodation available. With private ensuites, set in landscaped Thai gardens and access to multiple swimming pools it's perfect to unwind and relax. 

Phuket is home to some incredible 5-star hotels and resorts and you will have the opportunity to join us on excursions, whether it's taking advantage of the infinity pools or a superb lunch. The experience is well worth the added expense. 

For the duration of your stay you will be staying close to camp, in an environment very much focused on training. Nicely secluded we escape distraction but should you want a night away there is plenty of good nightlife in and around Phuket Town, just a few minutes by taxi.

There’s a great atmosphere at the camp and everyone encourages each other to push hard.


The first thing to mention is that no two days will be the same. Also depending on your own personal fitness goals timetables can vary depending on the fitness programmes you select.

We are very proud of our roster of fitness trainers. We boast some of the top fitness trainers in the industry. Our trainers are from all over the world and have been hand-picked based on their experience and skill set. Whether you are not fit in the slightest and looking to improve your fitness or a professional athlete our roster of trainers can give you the push you need.

Travelling alone

Most people who attend the camp, are independent travellers and arrive at the camp on their own. If you are concerned about traveling solo, don't be. There is such a social atmosphere at the camp, and it is a really supportive environment where everyone gets to know each other very quickly. Serious physical exercise in a group can be quite a bonding experience we assure you! So really it does not take long for people to get to know one another.

About The Host

We have been providing bootcamps since 2008 for our clients from all over the world proudly becoming market leaders in the fitness bootcamp industry. While many boot camp operators exist, no other company operates their own resorts in multiple locations with rolling start dates and guaranteed groups 365 days a year. With dedicated resorts, over 10,000 sq meters of training facilities, and staff in multiple locations in Mallorca, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Bali.

We are dedicated to providing genuinely positive life-changing experiences with health and fitness at the forefront of what we do. Our team has expertise in multiple areas of fitness and is completely passionate about bringing out the best in our clients.


Things to keep in mind