Lamu Transformative Yoga, Meditation and Healing in Kenya

5 Days, Multiple Departures

Lamu Transformative Yoga, Meditation and Healing in Kenya
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Our program will include transformative practices such as yin yoga, meditation, sound healing , accupuncture and more - an immersive journey connecting us to self-love and personal well-being. In addition, we'll infuse creative energy into our retreat with engaging creative art workshops.

Creating a new reality

Self-knowledge is power. Immersed in our program are workshops and exercises designed to expedite personal growth, prompting a fresh perspective on our authentic selves. Empowering us to reclaim our inner strength, we'll craft a reality we genuinely adore.

Emotional healing

Each of us carries stories of pain, disappointments, and trauma, yet these narratives need not dictate our identities or journeys. Through the utilization of creative workshops, trauma healing yoga, and affirmations, we'll employ powerful tolls to release what no longer serves us.


We transcend being merely a program; it's a sanctuary and community. As we embark on this beautiful transformation, we collectively grow, forging meaningful connections and experiencing the bonds of sisterhood, making the journey even more worthwhile.

About The Host
Eleanor Nelima and Jenny Pfister

Eleanor Nelima and Jenny Pfister

It is safe to say it was destiny for us to cross paths, the setting was the literal embodiment of divinity; a Swahili dhow sailing through the mangroves beside a gorgeous sunset, an overflow and yummy food and drink, new and old friends, the best of vibes, and a German and Kenyan girl who had no idea what the path lay ahead.

Our guardian angels must have squished us together on this fairly big dhow for us to have ended up seated so close together gifted with an opportunity to share our shared visions, dreams, pain, laughs, and love at one go.

Our journey until this point, from two strangers to close friends, to business partners.. coming together to build a brand and space for transformation and healing, while simultaneously transforming and healing each other, through mutual learning, honesty, love, friendship, patience, and understanding, it feels ironic that our experience to create this space is exactly what we want this space to evoke for you, sister. May this retreat be the beginning of the continuous expansion of our consciousness as women and sisters.


Things to keep in mind