Unique Pilates Retreat in Malaga, Spain (6 Days)

6 Days, Multiple Departures

Unique Pilates Retreat in Malaga, Spain (6 Days)
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If you are looking for a quick introduction into a Wellness Retreat and wanting to kick start a more healthy lifestyle, 3 days is a great choice. You’ll get a feel for what your body and mind is capable of with some dedicated time away from your normal life. Let someone else take care of your meals, schedule and be guided by our Wellness Team. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and wanting to do it again! 

This program focuses on sculpting your physique and cultivating inner tranquility. Discover muscles you never knew existed as we guide you through fluid, controlled movements that prioritize proper posture, core strength, and muscular equilibrium. Our objectives encompass bolstering overall body flexibility, enhancing range of motion, and fostering proper breathing.

Our Pilates sessions cater to individuals of all fitness levels, offering customized levels to meet each person’s specific needs. Additionally, our classes aim to enhance body awareness with gentle, low-impact movements that require flexibility, muscular endurance, and strength, making it an excellent choice for those seeking relief from back pain. Pilates also contributes to lumbo-abdominal strength, promoting psychological well-being, reducing anxiety, depression, and insomnia, fortifying the pelvic region, alleviating digestive discomfort, and enhancing leg and overall body muscle strength. It’s a valuable tool for weight maintenance.

Our Pilates classes have gained popularity due to the immediate benefits experienced by participants, including increased muscle strength, toning, and improved core stability in the abdominal and lower back regions. This translates to improved ease and fluidity in daily activities. Pilates offers a focused and enjoyable physical workout, especially when experimenting with various equipment that targets muscles you may not have previously engaged.

Moreover, our health retreat extends beyond Pilates to encompass wellness activities such as Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, and the utilization of our Reformer Pilates equipment. Your Pilates holiday experience also includes a visit to our Spa, where you can achieve complete relaxation of the mind, body, and soul through luxurious holistic therapies and treatments.

About The Host

The importance of taking time out from everyday life and focusing solely on yourself was becoming apparent with more and more people experiencing burnout and anxiety. The idea behind evolved from this growing need for people to slow down and just be themselves without the daily stresses, responsibilities, and rush of everyday life.

We intend to bring Asia’s essence to Europe without the 12+ hour plane journey to get there. Inspired by a trip to Indonesia, the owner has taken ideas from Bali in both the architecture and the peaceful, relaxed nature of its people. We don’t rush or have busy schedules and our team of staff are warm and welcoming.

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