"Unplugged Dance" Somatics, Mindful movement & Wellness Retreat in Lefkada, Greece (15 Days)

15 Days, Multiple Departures

"Unplugged Dance" Somatics, Mindful movement & Wellness Retreat in Lefkada, Greece (15 Days)
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Step into an immersive journey of dance exploration on the famous Greek island of Lefkada, designed by somatic and dance experts for those who draw inspiration from nature and want to re-explore the body in a healing and creative way supported by a vivid community! You can take your time to relax and energize your body while connecting with others, in a peaceful place with rich flora and impressive views! 
Whether you are looking for
•a place to immerse yourself in a transformative journey of self-discovery through dance
•a postgraduate training on contemporary approaches to dance as a practice of embodiment
•or just for a safe place to unplug from city life and to connect with nature, yourself, and others, this program is for you ! 
Allow yourself to immerse in an embodied experience of unlearning, listening, encountering, and exploring.
•Gain tools regarding movement and awareness that can benefit and improve your dance practice and everyday life.
•Experience an overall sense of well-being, calmness, joy, and consciousness due to a more comprehensive use of ourselves for life and art processes.
•Observe and undo harmful movement habits, updating and enhancing full and singular attention to the environment.
•Delve into Experiential Anatomy (Body-Mind Centering®), Experiential Embryology, Somatic Movement, Relational Mindfulness, Performance methods, Fine & Visual Arts (drawing, photography & video), as well as improvisation & creative writing.
•Enjoy your body and movement through dance methods beyond the pursuit of perfect form, serving a liberating process of acceptance and joy.
•Sharpen your critical skills and get in touch with your own creative tools within a safe, non-judgmental learning space and community.
About The Host
Kyveli and Giorgos

Kyveli and Giorgos

This is the vision and creation of Kyveli and Giorgos, two dance artists and educators from Greece who envisioned a wooded piece of land as a meeting place for moving and sensing experiences. The concept arose from a deep need to reconnect with nature and to meet a community of similar interests and quests. The idea was conceived in October 2021 when there was nothing but trees on the land and by the summer of 2022, a camp was ready, and the first season became a reality!

Things to keep in mind