Weight Loss Retreat in Malaga, Spain (11 Days)

11 Days, Multiple Departures

Weight Loss Retreat in Malaga, Spain (11 Days)
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For those who are serious about establishing good lifestyle routines and seeing results, we recommend a 10 day Retreat to allow your body to adjust and build strength. After 10 days your body will have adjusted to the change in diet as well as a new exercise routine. Not only will your body feel more energetic and lean, but you’ll be armed with the knowledge and relaxed state of mind to make real lifestyle changes. This is the best way to ensure the weight stays off and you embark on a healthier and happier way of life. 

We’re motivated to help you achieve your goals so our expert sports and nutritional guidance will get you on track based on your personal health check. Amidst scenic beauty, achieve your goals while fostering lasting habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Achieving weight loss doesn’t have to be an intimidating endeavor, and we offer a tailored weight loss retreat to guide you on your journey. Our program is thoughtfully curated to provide expert insights into what your body needs, serving as a fantastic kick-start for your weight loss goals. With a strong emphasis on healthy eating and mental empowerment, our personalized program equips you with the physical and mental tools necessary to take control of your well-being. Excess weight can burden not only your body but also your self-esteem and mental health, and it’s time to regain control.

Our weight loss holiday dispels the misconception of grueling treadmill hours and bland meals; instead, we focus on educating you about proper nutrition and fitness tailored to your goals. You’ll benefit from the guidance of our experienced Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Sports Consultant, with a personalized health plan to take home. We prioritize overall well-being and health, eschewing fad diets for sustainable lifestyle changes. Our approach encourages smarter choices, portion awareness, enjoyable physical activities (such as Yoga and stretching), and delicious, nutritious meals. Our dedicated staff is here to provide support and guidance, ensuring you leave with the tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle long term

About The Host

The importance of taking time out from everyday life and focusing solely on yourself was becoming apparent with more and more people experiencing burnout and anxiety. The idea behind evolved from this growing need for people to slow down and just be themselves without the daily stresses, responsibilities, and rush of everyday life.

We intend to bring Asia’s essence to Europe without the 12+ hour plane journey to get there. Inspired by a trip to Indonesia, the owner has taken ideas from Bali in both the architecture and the peaceful, relaxed nature of its people. We don’t rush or have busy schedules and our team of staff are warm and welcoming.

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