Wellness Escape in Phuket, Thailand

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Wellness Escape in Phuket, Thailand
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Unique, permanent Wellness Retreat program!

The Ayurveda & Wellness Resort presents 4 ongoing Wellness Retreats, each with different objectives and inclusions, all developed and supervised by our in-house Ayurveda Doctor and the competent Spa Team.

The Resort is a beautiful, adult-only, high-comfort Wellness Boutique Resort in the South of Phuket, located on a lush, green hillside with amazing sea views.

A unique combination of vegan meals (non-vegan option available) and life drinks, daily spa treatments, Yoga, and Meditation sessions allow you to achieve your well-being targets in a very relaxing, luxury environment.

The all-inclusive Wellness Escape Packages come with incredibly attractive prices for single travelers or couples.

Choose from the following 4 programs whenever you are ready to.

Book the package today and let us know at any time later which program you wish to choose. Your choice can be adjusted at any time, even when you are already at the resort.


Purity in the body leads to the extra energy boost. Aided by the healing Yoga Asana and breathing technique and involving meditations along with benefits of eating fresh and light, forms the detox of the body, mind, and spirit. Our Vigor well-being program is recommended for the ones seeking a mild range of CLEANSE for lazy intestines, periodic pains, swellings, lack of energy and spirit. Includes a daily dose of natural body scrub, body wrap, massages, or herbal steam to help you feel the goodness from deep within


Vitalize stands for a revamp of your energy, with the aim to be flexible, active, and focused; with the right dose of precisely coordinated activities, increasing the lung quotient, oxygenation of the blood, eating and digesting light to keep the body active and immune.

The Vitalize program is for those feeling a lack of energy, concentration, stiffness in muscles, and accumulation of fluids in the body. The treatment also enables points for deep activation of energy with massages, nourishing warm wraps that improve blood circulation, and an herbal sauna.


Unwind the hidden energies within you with a break from the regular stress and strain with Vinyasa, a form of slow-paced yoga - and deep breathing Pranayama, to help the ever-worrying mind to calm.

The Relax program is recommended to those looking for that perfect wellness break to release the knots and tensions from the muscles, slow down the palpitations and feel the still state of the mind and soul. The program also includes Thai styled massages with Aroma oils and complimenting body treatments that are guaranteed to leave a mesmerizing feel.


Feel young and free of the extra baggage with balanced yoga poses and energetic breathing to fully stretch the muscles and the skin. Help feel fit again with a little help of the freshness from the light and wholesome diet plan we offer.

A toned appearance gives you that extra will and confidence to carry forward the body rid of excess adipose tissue and fluid from the body, improve blood circulation and the nutritional pumping system. The program also includes body scrubs, helping to mobilize the fluid and fat followed by herbal steam, which aids flushing and eliminating fat and fluids to feel a long-lost lightness again.

About The Host

In our Wellness Resort, we not only employ a skilled and gentle team, but we also treat everyone as family, which has resulted in many of them being with us for 15 years or more. They all hold specific skills and vast experiences, which we couldn't be without which makes our wellness resort in Thailand one that truly stands out from other retreats in the country.


Things to keep in mind