Yoga Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica (15 Days)

15 Days, Multiple Departures

Yoga Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica (15 Days)
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Awake to the lively melodies of howler monkeys dancing among the treetops.

Delight in our hearty, organic breakfast, a true communion with nature's bounty. Indulge in our robust Costa Rican coffee blend or peruse our selection of teas.
Your transportation awaits, ready to guide you to one of Costa Rica's top yoga sanctuaries. Immerse yourself in Nosara's tranquil ambiance, harmonizing mind and body.

Discover tranquility amidst our lush garden and scenic hilltop pool, or find solace in secluded meditation spots embraced by nature. Explore Nosara's wonders, from horseback rides to coastal excursions.

Recharge at A Cachete, our oasis on-site, with nourishing cuisine after a day of adventure and discovery.

For the adventurous souls, our co-working spaces and speedy wifi beckon. Embrace the excitement with a surf lesson or martial arts class.

As the sun dips below Guiones' northern horizon, Nosara reveals its captivating nocturnal charm. Soak it all in before retiring for the night, eagerly anticipating tomorrow's escapades.

Things to keep in mind