Zion Ultra Run in Utah, USA

Apr 12 to Apr 13, 2025

Zion Ultra Run in Utah, USA
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Race Overview

100 Mile, 100K, 60K, and 30K:
Saturday, April 12, 2025

Trail Half Marathon:
Friday, April 11, 2025

Start/Finish: Ruby Rider Ranch (Apple Valley, Utah)

Quick Info
Challenging dirt trail course
67° / 39° F
No wheelchairs or strollers
No dogs allowed on course
St. George Airport (SGU)

Trail Half Marathon Course Overview
Friday, April 11, 2025
Start Time: 7:00pm MT
Time Limit: 5 hours
Exact Mileage: 13.6 Miles
Sunset run: Headlamps encouraged
Technical Dirt Trail
No crew or pacers

30K Ultra Overview
Saturday, April 12, 2025
Start Time: 8:00am MT
Time Limit: 9 Hours
Exact Mileage: 18.9 Miles
Technical Dirt Trail
No crew or pacers

60K Ultra Overview
Saturday, April 12, 2025
Start Time: 6:00am MT
Time Limit: 13 Hours
Exact Mileage: 41.9 Miles
Technical Dirt Trail
Crew only allowed

100K Ultra Overview
Saturday, April 12, 2025
Start Time: 5:30am MT
Time Limit: 22 Hours
Exact Mileage: 62.3 Miles
Technical Dirt Trail
Crew & Pacers allowed

100 Mile Ultra Overview
Saturday, April 12, 2025
Start Time: 5:00am MT
Time Limit: 36 Hours
Exact Mileage: 99.4 Miles
Technical Dirt Trail
Crew & Pacers allowed

Zion 100 Mile Course Description

The 100 Mile course heads east on a fast downhill dirt road to Grafton Mesa Aid (mile 1.3). You may stop if you like, but you can also skip this stop and continue on the fast downhill run toward Wire Mesa.

Once you arrive at the Wire Mesa Aid Station (mile 3.2), you will begin your dayby running this incredible section of trail! Wire Mesa has great up close views of Zion and wonderful, very runnable trail conditions. There is not a lot of elevation variation, so take advantage of it. You will return to the Wire Mesa Aid Station (mile 10.4) before beginning your uphill trek back up the same dirt road toward Grafton Mesa Aid Station (mile 12.3).

Next up is Grafton Mesa Trail loop in a counterclockwise direction. This trail is a little more technical than Wire Mesa, though still very runnable with beautiful views to enjoy. After the loop, you will pass through Grafton Mesa Aid for a final time (mile 17.7) before the short- but steep section of dirt road back towards the start/finish line.

You can check in with your crew near the start/finish line at the Crew Access Point (mile 19). At that point head west on a double track dirt road toward Gooseberry Mesa until you hit the Goosebump Aid Station (mile 24.2). From here you will begin running on one of the more iconic trail sections of this course- Gooseberry Mesa. This is a beautiful single track trail section with amazing views of Zion and the beautiful areas surrounding it. Make sure and pay attention to the trail on this section. There will be a lot of single track mtn. biking trails that will be marked with white dots on the rocks. Even though most of the trail coincides with the white dots, there are sections where we will deviate to different trails. Our course will be marked with pink ribbons. So always follow the pink ribbons. This loop will be run in a counterclockwise direction. You will hit the next aid station Gooseberry Aid (mile 33) about half way through the loop.

Upon your return to your second pass at the Goosebump Aid Station (mile 36.8) you will then drop down off the mesa called Mondo Z. This is a VERY steep and rocky section. It’s recommended to use trekking poles to help you down this steep trail section, if you are comfortable using them. The Mondo Z Water Station (mile 38.2) will be set up near the bottom of the hill.

From here, you will traverse along the desert trails toward the Virgin Desert Aid Station (mile 44.8). These trails will be mostly hard-packed dirt and rarely used double track with some slight rolling hills-- nothing very technical though it is very exposed and can be VERY hot.

Virgin Desert will the first and best place to pick up a pacer. From Virgin Desert, you will begin the Hurricane Rim loop. This is an awesome trail that is popular with the mtn. bikers in this area. Trail conditions are great! Hard-packed dirt with some great panoramic views. Hurricane Rim Water Station (mile XXX) will be a welcome place to fill your hydration containers as this area is super exposed and can be really hot as well. From there you will continue on to the Virgin Dam Aid Station (mile 53.4). This is a great trail overlooking the Virgin River in some areas as you skirt along the rim.

You will then come to the Sheep Bridge Water Station (mile 57.2). This will be a great opportunity to top off your water before crossing the highway/SR-9 (look both ways!) and climbing up onto Smith Mesa. This climb is on an old paved road that is only used by ranchers a couple times a year. The climb is challenging, but the views are amazing!

Near the top, you will reach Smith Mesa Aid Station (mile 61.7). This next section on Smith Mesa can be really tough. Especially if the cows have recently trampled through mud, then it hardens- watch your footing. Before dropping down off of Smith Mesa you will hit the Flying Monkey Water Station (mile 62.7). Flying Monkey is another steep and SUPER technical section. There will be a short section right after the water station where a rope is set up to help lower yourself down the steepest part.

From Flying Monkey, you will have a nice downhill trail run to the BMX Aid Station (mile 70.8). This is the next best place to pick up or change out a pacer. From there, you will make your way across Dalton Wash. Here you will find a small creek crossing (Some people prefer to take their shoes off before crossing to avoid running in wet shoes).

After crossing the creek, you will begin the steep climb up toward the Guacamole Trail. Most of this section is on a dirt road as you make your way up toward one of our favorite trail sections of this course. There are some event vehicles on this road, but it has a reputation of being a bit dusty, so be prepared. You will reach the Guacamole Aid Station (mile 76.6) and begin the Guacamole lollipop loop. Again, make sure and follow the pink ribbons. There is a lot of slickrock on this section too. It’s always a good idea to look ahead for the next pink ribbon. Upon returning to the Guacamole Aid Station (mile 83.3), you will drop back down the same hill to the BMX Aid Station (mile 89.1).

From BMX Aid, you will drop back down and cross back across SR-9. Once across the road, you will start making your way back across the desert toward Mondo Z. That same water station you hit after coming down from Goosebump earlier in the race will still be set up. Once again, it’s a good idea to top off your water before you climb the killer Mondo Z up toward Goosebump Aid (mile 94.2) for the third time. You will then head back on the same dirt road you started on toward the Finish area.

Things to keep in mind