4 Days of Martial Arts & Sufi Path Discovery & Initiations in Morocco

4 Days, Multiple Departures

4 Days of Martial Arts & Sufi Path Discovery & Initiations in Morocco
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You will learn Shaolin kung fu basics, basic punching, and kicking, Chi kung (all include healing Chi kung) and Tai Chi, one or two Xing Yi Forms fist form, Chinese kickboxing with two-person sparring, Basic Arabic, Sufism, Calligraphy, medicinal herb studies, and massage. All students can choose to study hard Chi kung, which involves conditioning areas of your body for combat such as your hands.

We welcome students who are healthy mentally and physically, regardless of your gender, age, religion, country. The training plan is also very flexible according students' different needs. (Note: Please don't worry about pervious kung fu experience. We only need your dedication and a positive attitude. Our school masters train students according to their different kung fu level and physical condition.

Beginners are introduced to learn Shaolin, including the basics of Shaolin, traditional Chi Kung, combat skills, and an additional Tai Chi Chuan lesson and tendons and ligaments training to start with. Then, after some time of training, you can perform intermediate or advanced kung fu, and students can learn advanced Xing Yi forms. They can also learn basics, a routine, one weapon form, and Qi Gong. 

Please don’t worry about the ages. At the same time, if students with previous martial arts training are quicker to learn and will learn advanced ones, if you are an already established kung fu expert, you can get more advanced martial art training and master the more complex moves in Martial arts, skills in combating, and internal ones with higher morality.

About The Host

We teach internal and external martial arts to guests interested in the Taoist, Shaolin Buddhist, and Moroccan Sufi traditions as balanced and comprehensive health systems to enhance fitness, develop peace and become happier.


Things to keep in mind