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Partner FAQs
Eligibility and Fit
Why should I list my retreat or host retreat rental on Activ Retreats?

Activ Retreats allows you to reach prospective travelers across the globe and easily add new guests to your retreats without having to spend any money on marketing, outreach and social media.

We are the only marketplace dedicated to sports-related and active getaways, holidays and camps and provide a streamlined and easy way for you to create and activate your listing so you can spend more time focusing on your guests and less time trying to find them.

We are also believe in sustainable travel and have partnered with Stripe to give back as we grow with you. Our specific areas of focus are:clean water & sanitation and climate action.

Who is eligible to create a listing?

If you are a retreat provider who is looking to provide an immersive, local and active experience to your guests anywhere in the world that takes place in-person for a period of at least 2+ days, we want to hear from you. Our providers all must abide by local laws and regulations and agree to our terms and conditions.

What types of retreats or rentals are a good fit for Activ Retreats?

Retreats that are immersive and provide guests with access to a local & guided active or sports-related experiences are a great fit for our marketplace. Some popular areas of focus include running, hiking, surfing, skiing, cycling, swimming, yoga and more.

Retreat rentals should have ample amenities, with space for varied groups of travelers.

Listing a Retreat or Rental Location
Can I list multiple retreats or rentals?

You are encouraged to create as many listings as you like. The more listings you create, the more prospective business we can generate for you.

How do I create a listing?

We will create the listing for you. However you can manage the availability via our partner portal. In the event that you would like to manage the listing, you will be provided with a unique username and password that grants you access to the Activ Retreats partner portal. This partner portal will serve as your hub for managing all aspects of your listings, including products, bookings, guests, and payments. To get started, simply click on the "Add a Retreat" or “Add a host location rental” button. With the Activ Retreats partner portal, you have full control over the content of your listing, including the ability to upload photos and specify important details such as location, cost, dates, and the retreat itinerary. Once you have finalized your listing, it will be made available to the public immediately. Additionally, you can rest assured that all activity on the site is completely secure.

How do I get my login credentials?

After submitting your application to list your retreat on the Activ Retreat marketplace, you will be emailed your login and password credentials along with a link to our partner portal so you can upload and manage all of your listings.

If you wish to have us create your listing, we will do so for you once you have submitted your application to list with our marketplace. You will still however be emailed your password and login credentials so that you can manage your bookings and connect with your guests.

How do I send information to Activ Retreats?

You can reach out to Activ Retreats by emailing us at support@activretreats.com. We will respond quickly (within a 24-hour period).

What is the cost of creating a listing with Activ Retreats?

There is no cost to create or post a listing with Activ Retreats. This is a FREE service. 

What if I don’t want to create the listing. Can you create it for me?

Of course we can. We do this for all of our hosts. We can work to write, create and post your listing so you can focus on your guests and leave the rest to us.

Are there any policies around photos used in my listing?

Photos can help attract prospective guests so, be sure to include high-quality color images. Do not upload black and white images. Please be sure to use horizontal images (landscapes) that are at least 720X400px. Ensure that photos are clear and contain no text, watermarks or copyright symbols. Ensure that the photographs accurately depict the retreat offerings. 

Can I update my listing once it goes live?

Yes, you will have the ability to direct us to update your listing or do this yourself at any time via our partner portal.

Password Reset
Where do I go to reset my password?

You can reset your password in the partner portal. If you have forgotten your password, you can reach out to us at support@activretreats.com to reset this for you or do this directly on our website. (to confirm)

Commissions and Payments
What is the commission fee you charge for a successful booking?

If we refer a customer to you who ultimately books your retreat or venue, you will be required to pay a commission of 10% on the total price of the booking unless otherwise agreed to by Activ Retreats. This commission will be collected as a deposit from the customer at the time of booking, and the remaining balance will be transferred to you after deducting a payment processing fee. Please note that this commission applies to all bookings and rentals made through our marketplace.

When does Activ Retreats receive this commission fee?

Activ Retreats receives their commission once a guest pays their deposit for a retreat or rental.

This commission will be held until the retreat occurs, to ensure the funds are available in the event of a cancellation, refund or dispute, unless otherwise agreed to with Activ Retreats.

Once the booking has been confirmed, it is the responsibility of the host or partner to secure the remaining balance of the retreat or rental from the customer.

A client has paid the deposit and the remaining balance is now due. Who is responsible for collecting this?

Once the booking has been confirmed, it is the responsibility of the host or partner to secure the remaining balance of the retreat or rental from the customer.

When will I be paid the remaining balance owed from Activ Retreats?

Activ Retreats will pay any residual balance from the commission to you within 7 days of the booking’s confirmation.

Is there a minimum deposit amount?

The deposit amount you collect should, at a minimum, cover the commission owed to Activ Retreats. This is 12% of the total cost of the retreat in question unless otherwise agreed to with Activ Retreats.

Am I still obligated to pay a commission on referrals if they book on my site?

In the event that a customer books directly with you and this customer is a referral from Activ Retreats, you are obligated to pay a commission of 10% of the total cost of the retreat unless otherwise agreed to by Activ Retreats. This should be paid once you have secured a deposit from the guest. We’ve got your back and we sure hope you’ve got ours.

Customer Support and Booking Management
How do participants contact me once they have made a booking?

Participants will be able to contact you directly via our partner portal once the booking is confirmed.

What is considered a successful booking?

A booking is considered to be successful once a deposit has been received and the booking has been approved by the retreat host or operator.

How do participants pay for their retreat?

Participants can pay for their retreat using any major credit card as well as Paypal. These payments are all processed using Stripe.

What currencies are currently supported on Activ Retreats?

We support USD but are able to transfer funds to Hosts in any currency.

What happens if someone books my retreat but isn’t a suitable fit?

If someone books your retreat, but you decide you do not want to accept this booking, you have the option to reject it. Activ Retreats  will refund their transaction in full. There is no cost to you. 

We ask that as part of your listing that you add the following statement to notify your guests in advance that acceptance of their booking will be at your discretion.

"Please note that your registration is not confirmed until we have accepted it."

Once a booking is completed, how is the customer engaged and managed through the process?

Once the booking has been accepted and is complete, it is the responsibility of the retreat host to manage customer engagement and the retreat experience. Activ Retreats does not provide customer support regarding the retreat and the customer experience.

How do I manage availability of my retreat?

You can manage the availability of your retreat through the Activ Retreats partner portal. This portal is where you can also create and edit your listings, upload photos and communicate with your guests.

What payment system/ merchant facility is used for payments?

We use Stripe to process all payments.

Cancellation and Refund Policies
What happens if someone cancels their retreat?

If someone cancels their retreat, they will need to work with you directly and adhere to your policies regarding cancellations and refunds. You should clearly stipulate these policies along with your COVID-19 policies on your listings and ensure that the prospective customer is aware of these Policies prior to booking. 

Once the retreat host has processed their refund and communicated that a refund is necessary, Activ Retreats will refund the customer the commission paid less the transaction fees incurred.

Does Activ Retreats require that we use specific terms and conditions, payment terms and cancellation policies?

Retreat operators and hosts are responsible for setting their own cancellation policies, terms and conditions, and minimum booking requirements, including payment terms and due dates, with the exception of the minimum deposit (which needs to cover, at a minimum, the commission paid to Activ Retreats). 

Please note that having clear policies around COVID-19 will be important and should be added to your listing.

What happens if I have to cancel my retreat and refund my customer?

In the event that you cancel your retreat and opt to refund your customer, you will need to notify Activ Retreats. We will refund the commission paid to Activ Retreats directly to the customer minus the processing and transaction fees that have been incurred. This will be done after the retreat host has processed their refund to the customer. In the event that Activ Retreats has taken the full booking, the refund will be sent directly to the customer minus processing fees that have been incurred.

Retreat Location Rentals
I operate a retreat center venue that is available for retreat rentals. How can I list this?

You can submit an application to list on Activ Retreats. We will respond within 24 hours. If your application is successful, you will receive your login credentials and password to our partner portal. You can use this partner portal to create and manage all of your rental listings.

What is the fee to list a retreat venue rental?

There is no fee to list a retreat venue for rent on the Activ Retreat marketplace. This is a FREE service. 

What is the commission fee charged for a retreat center venue rental?

If we bring you a customer who licenses your venue, we charge you a standard commission of 10% on the price of the retreat or rental. This commission is immediately collected as a deposit from the participant. We will then transfer the remainder to you minus the payment processing fee.