7-Day Muay Thai & Wellness Experience in Thailand

7 Days, Multiple Departures

7-Day Muay Thai & Wellness Experience in Thailand
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For those seeking an authentic Muay Thai training experience, The camp offers state-of-the-art facilities and experienced trainers. Participating in Muay Thai training has several benefits, including improved physical fitness, coordination, and mental discipline.

Authentic Muay Thai training focuses on technique, endurance, and conditioning to prepare fighters for competition. In addition to being a sport, it’s also a way of life that encourages respect, humility, and self-improvement.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fighter, training can help you become the best version of yourself both physically and mentally. This combination of activities is designed to increase cardiac capabilities as well as overall strength. Have a look at our packages to find out which program suits you best.

One of the defining features of Muay Thai is its emphasis on striking techniques that incorporate fists, elbows, knees, and shins. It’s known for being a strenuous activity that requires discipline and respect from its practitioners.


  •  Twice daily Muay Thai or Western Boxing – 6 days a week
  • Daily running along the nearby river
  • Specialized technique classes by our highly decorated trainers
  • Running up the mountain challenge plus Training the ancient Muaythai Boran at the old Stupa
  • CrossFit by the river

Food, nutrition & wellness

  • Daily healthy breakfast and dinner, always fresh cooked
  • If requested, consultation about the nutrition goals during your stay 
  • Yoga class Monday-Friday
  • Twice weekly Thai massage treatment
  • Meditation with monks
  • Meditation at Wat Yai
  • Accommodation in an air-conditioned private room with en-suite

Trips & Events

(depending on the season)
  • Morning market tour once a week
  • Saturday Morning Ceremony – Dontons to Monks at Wat Yai Temple (700 years old story)
  • Sunday JP family day out
  • Temple visits and sightseeing
  • Night market and morning market tours
  • Tuk Tuk evening tour
  • Night market evening out
  • Swimming
  • Waterfall and rafting
  • Morning market tour once a week
  • Khaokho mountain trip / Noen Maprang district
  • Visit the ancient city of Phitsanulok
  • A trip to Sukhothai Historical Park

About The Host

Unlock your true potential with the guidance of a true Muay Thai master – Jay, who was personally trained by the legendary Samart Payakaroon, once Thailand’s number one fighter.

Passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge, Jay left his engineering job in Bangkok to teach Muay Thai on the streets of Phitsanulok, for free.

After honing his skills and gaining experience through teaching, fighting, and learning in the UK, he returned home to open his gym. As a result, it belongs to the top-rated and most respected gym in rural Thailand. Jay not only delivers world-class training but also gives back furthermore to the community through their support of local charities.

We provide a safe and unique environment for everyone. Are you for instance a traveler seeking an authentic Thailand experience? Maybe a seasoned fighter looking to take your skills to the next level? Or maybe anyone in between – The host offers a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive environment for all.

With Jay and his team dedicating themselves to providing the best experience possible, spaces are limited to 20 visitors at a time.

Join today, and be part of the best authentic Thailand Boxing & May Thai resort experience, contact us for availability now.