All Inclusive Full Yoga Experience in Bali, Indonesia (4 Days)

4 Days, Multiple Departures

All Inclusive Full Yoga Experience in Bali, Indonesia (4 Days)
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Experience a range of yoga practices at the retreat place and learn the art of yoga with experienced teachers in classes that bring a balanced approach to the practice. Dive deeper into the transformative power of yoga in order to explore you mind and body.

Experience the harmonious blend of equilibrium and inner tranquility that yoga offers, nestled in the heart of Bali. This island is renowned for its profound spiritual connection to this ancient practice.

Our meticulously designed yoga sessions stand apart from the rest. They aim not only to enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance, but also to provide much more. Through a holistic approach involving physical yoga postures, mindful breathing exercises, and meditation, you’ll elevate your overall well-being and sharpen your mental focus.

Every day, you’ll partake in a yoga journey led by a team of dedicated and skilled instructors who are well-versed in a diverse range of yoga styles. Regardless of your proficiency level, our inclusive and welcoming environment ensures personalized attention, allowing you to derive maximum benefit from each session.

Immerse yourself in an unprecedented yoga experience within our breathtaking open-air studio. Cultivate a deeper bond with nature and cultivate a sense of gratitude. Embark on this enriching voyage and uncover the transformative potential of yoga today.

The area - Uluwatu

The retreat is located in Jimbaran area. Despite its popularity, Jimbaran has managed to retain its fishing village charm, offering visitors a glimpse into the traditional Balinese way of life.

Jimbaran boasts beautiful beaches with soft white sands and calm waters, creating the perfect setting for swimming and stunning sunsets. While it’s in close proximity to livelier areas like Kuta and Seminyak, Jimbaran maintains a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, making it a great destination for a quiet getaway.

Explore nature

For those who want to get lost in the beauty of nature, you can rent a scooter or have a walk. You will find many typical Balinese rice fields around and forget the world around you.  Have seat and watch the local farmers preparing our food.


Invite yourself for a beautiful me-time walk along the nice Bali beaches like Nyang Nyang, Padang Padang or Suluban Beach. Feel the warm sand and the water under your feet and connect to the essence of life. Here you also see the surfer catching the big waves. Always a little adventure to watch.

About The Host


Meet Cahya, your dedicated Kriya yoga instructor and guide on your journey to inner peace, strength, and well-being. With a passion for yoga that’s as boundless as the horizon, Cahya is here to help you find balance, harmony, and serenity through the practice of yoga. She holds a 500H from the Sattva Academy Risikesh India.

Things to keep in mind