Ayuryoga Medic+ in Phuket, Thailand

15 Days, Multiple Departures

Ayuryoga Medic+ in Phuket, Thailand
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Ayurveda healing with proven results

Ayurveda Panchakarma is one of the traditional systems of internal healing that practices holistic principles in bringing in better IMMUNITY, VITALITY, and METABOLISM with a balanced state of body, mind, and spirit, with a primary focus on personalized health.

Utilizing the traditional proven methodologies with efficacy and effectiveness as a new approach to bring more rational and analytical evidence for the science-backed practice of Ayurveda, with reports of specific sets of serological laboratory analysis and other research-proven combinations of herbal supplement usage.

The retreat begins at your home with pre-retreat screening questionnaires and a detailed list of preparations before arrival.

The retreat includes a combination of experiences of Ayurveda cures & cleanses along with mindfulness breathing and meditation practices and therapeutic yoga, all-inclusive customized vegan meal plans, and other activities based on the results of the serological reports and the consultation, where the aim is to bring in a state of relaxation and healing from cognitive impairments of the physical self, with the happiest state of blissful mind.

Why Ayur Yoga Medic+?

Bringing a better understanding, with help of science and technology, which can back the claims made by traditional healing methods, is the need of the hour, where evidence can be shown in terms of the healing track record of any changes with quantitative analysis.

With the AYURYOGA MEDIC+ program, we use science to help better understand and manage the functional vitals of every individual, with the usage of a serological analysis report, standardized PRAKRITI case study questionnaire, and BMI (Body Mass Index) in administering proper proven protocols, in the way Panchakarma is managed and the usage of proper herbal mixes and teas for the desired results.

AYURVEDA, the traditional practice of medicine aims at bringing in the right balance among the abnormality of the TRI DOSHAS (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) with changes in the lifestyle and to break the cycle of the causation of the disorders by the Outside-to-In and Inside-to-Out approach, normalizing the IMMUNITY, VITALITY & METABOLISM in each individual.

About The Host

In our Wellness Resort, we not only employ a skilled and gentle team, but we also treat everyone as family, which has resulted in many of them being with us for 15 years or more. They all hold specific skills and vast experiences, which we couldn't be without which makes our wellness resort in Thailand one that truly stands out from other retreats in the country.


Things to keep in mind