Back to Your Roots Yoga and Wellness Retreat

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Back to Your Roots Yoga and Wellness Retreat
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Step away from the demands and expectations that bind you. Remove the sheath of routine and familiarity. Breathe in some fresh scenery and perspective. Revive your sense of wonder and adventure. Tune in to Mother Nature and Reconnect with your Spiritual Self.

"Roots" is often used to reference the Rastafarian culture, a spiritual and social movement born in the Caribbean islands. Roots culture also describes people who live simply and in harmony with nature, recognizing a deep spiritual communion between their Self and their environment.

The island of Nevis offers a stunning landscape and unique island culture, the perfect location to relax and play, to turn within and get Back to your Roots!

About The Host

Originally from America's heartland, Amanda has been travelling and living in diverse environments around the globe for 20+ years, allowing her to explore different approches to Yoga, and life in general. Her Yoga journey began in 1999 and she has been sharing the practice as a certified teacher since 2005. As the wife of a local Rasta and a citizen of St. Kitts & Nevis, Amanda has a deep knowledge and personal connection with the island's culture to share with her visitors.

With a down-to-earth approach, touch of humor, and sense of adventure, Amanda honors the traditional foundations of Yoga and specializes in weaving them into the fabric of every day experiences. With Mindfulness at the heart of each practice, her aim is to awaken participants to the power of the present moment and help them find their balance of strength and softness both on and off the mat.

Whether you are travelling alone, or with your yoga buddies, Amanda will attentively guide your internal and external journey, providing a safe, comfortable, down-to-earth opportunity for relaxation, adventure, and personal transformation. Past participants have described the trip like “coming to see their good friend (sister, daughter…)” who shares a unique , “back-door” local perspective of island life, ensuring that you feel less like a tourist and more like family.


Things to keep in mind