Central America Surfing and Yoga in Santa Catalina, Panama

7 Days, Multiple Departures

Central America Surfing and Yoga in Santa Catalina, Panama
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We've designed a Surf and Yoga Retreat especially for beginner to intermediate levels.

Personalized surf coaching to achieve your surf goals, surf-enhancing yoga & meditation, and all the magic and adventure of Santa Catalina. A dreamy surf town far from the city lights.

Uncrowded village and beaches, world-renowned surf, perfect waves for beginners & intermediates, and a laid-back vibe all in one of Central Americaʼs safest countries, Panama.

Our 6-night experiences are designed to bring you one of the best weeks of your life.

Learn How to Surf in Our Santa Catalina Paradise

There’s nothing more freeing than being out in the ocean. It’s here among the waves on our board that we experience a blissful state of calm and presence. They say that “only a surfer can know the feeling” of surfing that perfect green wave.  This is your chance to experience it. We’ve created the ideal surf program for beginners that’s safe and effective.

We focus on:

Simple and concise explanations

Demonstration using keywords & cues

Small group sizes

Repetitive practice of each skill

Continuous feedback - immediate and encouraging

Personalized Coaching
With a maximum of 1 or 2 other surfers at your same level for safe and accelerated learning. Each lesson is around 2-2.5 hours and is designed to be progressive.

Ideal Surf Conditions
Uncrowded, easy-to-learn beach break just meters away. Retreat weeks are selected for ideal conditions based on the tides and seasonality. We avoid national holidays such when our beaches are more crowded.

Surf Warm-Up
Each lesson begins with a surf-specific warm up that you will learn to prep you for the physical activity ahead.

Surf Theory, Technique & Video Feedback
Learn about reading the waves, paddle technique, standing up, turning, dismounting and more. See your surfing in video feedback sessions to help you improve throughout the week, with videos sent to your device daily.

Exceptional instruction
Our ISA certified coaches are technically sound, patient and fun. Each with over 10 years of surf experience in Santa Catalina. Learn with National Pro Surfers* and support local talent in the community. *Surf coaches vary week-to-week due to competition schedules of our local Pro Surfers.

High-Quality Equipment
Your board, leash and long sleeve rashguard is provided. No wetsuit needed as the water is warm all year round. New surfers will begin with our 8ft easy-to-learn soft boards for buoyancy and safety. As you progress you can change boards from our range of epoxy fun-boards and high-performance fiberglass boards.

Our yoga & meditation retreat program

De-stress and Find Balance

Find your perfect flow through surf and yoga. Our yoga sessions are designed to enhance your surf experience, your connection to nature and self. Learn practical yoga, meditation & mindfulness tools you can bring home with you.

Surf and yoga are the magic duo. Both work hand-in-hand to:

Increase flexibility, balance and core strength.

Increase awareness, mental focus and ability to be present.

Cultivate calmness and our resilience to circumstances beyond our control.

*All levels of yoga are very welcome as our teachers listen to your needs, adapt classes and safely break down postures.

Invigorating Morning Classes

Hatha-vinyasa style classes aim to move you out of the head and into the body. Flows focus on breathwork, stretching and strengthening the body, alignment, and breaking a sweat.

Reduce Stress

Learn simple and effective meditation & mindfulness practices to quiet the mind and effectively reduce stress.

Exceptional instruction

Learn with experienced yoga, meditation & mindfulness teachers from around the globe. Every teacher is certified with the Yoga Alliance.

Relaxing Evening Classes

Evening restorative and yin flows focus on relaxation and healing the body after a long day of activity and surf.

Flow Oceanfront

Connect to the healing properties of nature. Listen to the birds and the waves as you sink into savasana.

High Quality Equipment

We’ve stocked our studio with all the goods - Manduka Pro Mats and luxury props.

About The Host
Vickie and Sergio

Vickie and Sergio

Hola! We are Vickie & Sergio. If you’ve come to reading about us you can probably resonate a lot with our story. I was an Advertising Account Director in New York and Sydney working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Sergio was a senior lawyer in the bustling city of Buenos Aires.

We both felt the grind, almost groundhog-like days of working in the city. We were both in our 30s and whilst in completely different parts of the world, questioning...there’s got to be more to life than this. Sergio brings experience and passion for surfing and I for yoga. We had each travelled to surf spots around the world and shared the big dream to quit our jobs and create a Surf & Yoga experience for people like us, in an untapped destination.

As we explored this, we found budget surf camps where the surf program was just about pushing you into waves and having fun. You’re left no more equipped to surf on your own than when you started. Retreats with a solid surf program but only two coaches for a large group which can be unsafe and ineffective. And on the other end, high-end surf retreats with a super high price tag. Although packed with incredible technology and expertise, these retreats were completely out of reach for most of us. We found yoga retreats and camps with junior teachers with little life experience or teaching credentials. Or luxury yoga retreats with bells and whistles that we just don’t need.

Things to keep in mind