Classical Horsemanship Retreat in Costa Rica

7 Days, Multiple Departures

Classical Horsemanship Retreat in Costa Rica
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Feel the flow

Join our unique retreat for a transformative experience connecting with horses, nature, and inner strength. Blend daily yoga practice with Classical Horsemanship to enhance riding, biomechanics, and forge a deep connection with the spirit of the horse. Immerse yourself in the serenity of our mountain farm, practicing mindfulness and harmonizing with your equine partner. Start your day with professional yoga classes promoting strength and balance. Enjoy a hearty breakfast, followed by lessons in Classical Horsemanship to ride with perfect balance and lightness. Witness other riders, grasp horse biomechanics, and enhance overall well-being. Afternoons offer a mix of activities, ensuring each day is unique. Wind down with a healthy dinner and fall asleep to the jungle's soothing sounds.

Classical Horsemanship - the art of riding

A horse is not born to be ridden. But with a well thought training program we can help him to use his body in a way that he can carry us without damage. The basic understaning of anatomy and biomecanics are important in order to know witch excersies to choose to adress the right muscle areas and correct wrong movements. We learn to flex and mobilize the horse from the ground to prepare him for riding. We use lateral movements to lengthen and strengethening his body. Movement therapy is the understaning of classical horsemanship learning from the old european masters like Baucher, Steinbrecht and others. 

​The study of classical horsemanship is always for the horse and is meant to improve the horses well being. We are always on the search of the right thing to do to help our horse to feel better and lift the base of his neck. We do not use strength but a well thought through series of exercises to get our horse to improve his straightness and balance. We are always riding with finest aids and will never pull, kick or blame. Our seat as our main tool is where we work on most, together with our focus, calmness and patience. Riding in balance is peaceful and involves our full concentration, we will feel and heal within this mindfull and meditative way of riding. 

The result will be a proud equine partner that loves to ride with you and maintains healthy and happy. And you can develop your personality and open paths that you can not even imagine yet. 

​This course is for you if you are on the search of real riding and want to become one with your horse. For a beginner rider we have developed a perfect introduction into balanced riding and with isas "understand the trot" course we have students sitting the trot on their first trial. If you own horses or are an advanced horse rider you will love this course as you can feel the light and fine riding on our well trained horses that will invite into the study of balance. We will pick you up where you are and make sure you will get the best out of your stay. We have horses trained to different levels and advanced riders will be able to experience more advanced exercises. 

"We are riders, not tourists on a horse" Oliveira. 

Besides the horses you can enjoy the surroundings on the included nature and culture tours within this program. Visit hot springs to relax and jump into the wild waterfalls in our area. 

​Each program will be carefully and individually adjusted to your wishes and needs. We work on a personal scale with one on one attention to our guests.  

About The Host
Isabel Avendaño

Isabel Avendaño

Isa has been horse crazy since she could express herself. She donated her life to horses and the study of natural horsemanship & classical horsemanship. After traveling from herd to herd for 5 years in her 20s she arrived in Costa Rica to have her herd and live her dream of a sustainable horse farm. She has been teaching Natural Horsemanship & Classical Horsemanship for over a decade and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and learnings. She teaches in English, German & Spanish.

Next to her passion for horses, she has planned together with Milton the buildings you find at the retreat. She is all about ecology and nature close to community life, loves yoga, healthy food, and cooking, and is overall a passionate mom and wife.


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