Dance Alchemy and Teacher Training in Slovenia

Aug 6 to Aug 18, 2024

Dance Alchemy and Teacher Training in Slovenia
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We are on a mission to bridge the profound journey of the soul with the tangible path of personal and professional growth.

For the Seeker: The Retreat is a sanctuary for the soulful seeker, providing validation and certification for their dance and movement facilitation skills. It's a space where dreams of crafting a transformative career through dance find their foundation

For the Visionary:
We are the canvas for visionaries who dream of a career that mirrors their passion for transformation through movement and dance. We empower them to turn those dreams into reality

For the Community:
We extend a heartfelt call to those yearning for an inclusive community that breathes dance as a language of the soul. We aim to embody dance not merely as an art form but as a practice that transforms lives

For the Leaders, Healers, Artists, and Teachers:
We welcome leaders, healers, artists, and teachers alike, all with a common thread - the desire to weave dance into the very fabric of their being and their work in the world

For the Everyday person:
We welcome all individuals who cherish dance and movement, regardless of experience, and seek a moment of self-renewal, heightened energy, and reconnection with their inner truth, untapped potential, and life's authentic path.

It's an Inclusive, Holistic, and Playful environment!

So tell me, is this you?

Finding a Balance:
Dance artists and teachers struggle to balance their passion for dance with the need to make a sustainable income.

Deepening Knowledge:
Practitioners in dance, yoga, martial arts, and dance therapy want to deepen their expertise and broaden their skill set.

Expanding Offerings:
Yoga and meditation teachers look for ways to incorporate movement and dance to enhance their existing practices.

Mind-Body Connection:
Healers and therapists seek effective methods to integrate the physical dimension into mental and emotional healing.

Skill Validation:
There's a need for certification or recognition of skills in dance and movement practices to gain credibility and trust.

Social Transformation:
Change leaders and heart-centered individuals need tools to facilitate personal and societal change also through movement and body wisdom.

Leadership Skills:
Teachers, facilitators, and coaches lack the confidence and structure to create more powerful embodied and transformational results.

Enhancing Practice:
Existing practitioners wish to enrich their teaching or therapeutic work with dance and movement.

Career Transition:
Individuals passionate about dance and movement look for ways to turn this passion into a career.

Self-Care and Recharge:
Individuals seeking retreat experiences want to use dance and movement as a form of self-care and reconnection.

If you answered YES to one of these or more, then this retreat was made especially with YOU in mind……that’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE Dance Alchemy Retreat & Teacher Training.

Imagine yourself on a 12-day journey of self-discovery and transformation at Dance Alchemy Retreat & Teacher Training. Immerse yourself in Breath-work, Qi-work, Yoga, Dance improvisation, Contact improvisation, and Dance therapy, embracing a holistic journey of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

In nature's embrace, surrender to the rhythm of your body and the collective energy of like-minded souls. Rediscover your essence through movement, touch, and complete body awareness, unlocking profound expression and freedom moments.

But this retreat is more than dance—it's an immersion into the transformative power of Dance Alchemy. Gain tools to shape and confidently lead your facilitations, guiding others on their journey of self-discovery.

Whether you're a professional or an individual seeking truth, join Goran Bogdanovski and a community of kindred spirits for an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of this chance to recharge, realign, and rediscover the magic within.

What you'll come away with:

A certification to show you are a confident, capable Dance Alchemy facilitator or teacher

A deeper understanding of your own embodiment and how you can use dance as a medium for transformation

70+ tools you can use for self-development or for facilitating, teaching, coaching, and working with groups

Replicate, change, alchemize our tools and make them yours

Proven 8-step structure to shape and lead your facilitations with confidence to create more powerful embodied and transformational results

New embodied teaching & leadership skills in tune with emotional intelligence

Confidence to facilitate in a holistic, playful, and inclusive environment

Step-by-step process to turn your gifts and experience into a thriving practice & business

Recharged and realigned with your path and your truth

About The Host
Goran Bogdanovski

Goran Bogdanovski

I have lived and breathed dance professionally since 1990 in the field of performing arts (classical ballet, contemporary dance, physical theatre, videos, and film). For over 10 years I danced for the Slovene National Ballet Company, from corps de ballet to principal roles, and at the same time parallelly enjoyed a rich and versatile career as a freelance artist that brought me to work with many contemporary choreographers and theatre directors from the Slovenian and European art scene.

In 2000 I started practicing improvisation & Freedom - embodied Lifestyle. I had my own dance company, choreographed performances, and toured extensively worldwide. I ran dance studios, academies, festivals, platforms, and networks.

In 2006 I started teaching, coaching, and mentoring. Methods I use are an accumulation of knowledge and experience gathered through my life in the fields of Dance Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Theatre, Meditation, Yoga, Martial arts, Embodiment, Spirituality, Shamanism, Therapy, Personal Growth, Team building, Business strategy, and Embodied Leadership.


Things to keep in mind