Dolphin Delight: Swim with Wild Dolphins in Bimini, The Bahamas

Jun 22 to Jun 28, 2025

Dolphin Delight: Swim with Wild Dolphins in Bimini, The Bahamas
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Ever dreamed of living life as gracefully as dolphins, basking in boundless joy and playful camaraderie? Dive into an extraordinary journey with Anne Gordon, the Dolphin Messenger, Whale Wisdom Expert, and Dolphin Energy Healer, as she leads you to connect and swim with wild dolphins amidst the turquoise waters of Bimini.

Embark on a five-night waterfront retreat, where each day unfolds aboard a spacious catamaran sailboat, offering the perfect setting to frolic and commune with the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins renowned for their warm interactions. As you explore the vibrant coral reefs and mythical sites like the road to Atlantis, immerse yourself in the charm of Bimini's island allure.

Under Anne's guidance, discover the Dolphin Way—an enriching philosophy gleaned from years of studying these majestic creatures. Learn to infuse your life with unbridled joy, navigate challenges with ease, and embrace the art of playfulness. Delve into techniques to effortlessly ride life's waves, while Anne imparts wisdom gleaned from dolphin messages and introduces you to your own dolphin spirit guide.

Embark on this transformative odyssey and emerge with invaluable dolphin-inspired life skills, forever buoyed by the spirit of Bimini's wild dolphins.

About The Host

Anne is your host for this magical bucket list experience. Anne is an experienced Humpback whale watching and dolphin snorkel guide in Panama, as well as a Dolphin Messenger, Whale Wisdom Expert and Certified Dolphin Energy Healer. She is also a trained biologist and studied animal behavior and is expert at observing and interpreting the behavior of the dolphins.

She will eagerly share with you her insights, knowledge and wisdom she has learned from the dolphins whales in her years with them. Anne will lead guided meditations to meet your very own dolphin spirit guide as well as Dolphin Energy Healing sessions for the group.