Embrace the Wild Goddess Within in Big Island, Hawaii

Jul 16 to Jul 20, 2024

Embrace the Wild Goddess Within in Big Island, Hawaii
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Dear Untamed Spirit,

If what I'm about to share strikes a chord within you, know that it arrives precisely when needed in your life's journey. Have you sensed a stirring energy awakening within your being? Its pulsating presence keeps you awake at night, your mind drifting to distant lands adorned with exotic flavors and novel sensations. Wherever you roam, a voice calls out to you. This is the call of the Wild, a beckoning to shatter the shackles of stagnant routines and rediscover the enchantment of life.

Untamed Spirit was born to ignite the flames of adventure and creativity, fueling the fierce spirit of femininity within each of us. Drawing upon the wisdom of the Four Archetypes, Yoga, The Vedas, Sacred Plant Medicine, and Indigenous cultures, we immerse ourselves in movement, ritual, camaraderie, profound introspection, and authentic expression.

This isn't merely a retreat; it's a profound journey—a remembrance of our sacred dance, akin to traversing an ancient path etched into our souls. Re-wilding embodies the Heroine's journey of transformation—an expedition into the depths of our beings to unleash the untamed essence within. Together, we revel in our roles as Lovers, Warriors, Wise Women, and Enchantresses, embodying the healing essence the world thirsts for. Time is of the essence.

About The Host

I am an island girl in every sense of the word. I was born and raised in the sun and sea on the island of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil. Surrounded by enchanting trails, beaches, and waterfalls, I developed a deep connection to Mother Nature as a child. I learned to listen and to be quiet as She taught me Her secrets. Whenever things were not good at home, Mother Nature was my sanctuary.

In my youth, I became a model and jet-setted all over the world working with a famous pop-star. I lived a charmed existence. Even so, with all the exquisite luxury that was offered to me, my heart and soul were still very much rooted in the Earth. Our Great Mother does not let me fly too far from her. I knew that the abundance I was seeking was not to be found in material wealth, so I learned to seek inwardly. It was then that I began my studies in Yoga and Ayurveda. It has now been my passion and practice for over 20 years.

Yoga is not just another form of workout as it has been popularized in the West. In ancient Sanskrit it means ‘to Unite’. By re-aligning the mind/body, and masculine/feminine energies within, Yoga seeks to open the pathways to unite our individual consciousness with the Universal.

I moved to Hawaii 10 years ago with my husband. On our personal 5-acre Garden of Eden, we work to elevate our tribe of kindred spirits; human and non-human alike to cultivate Heaven on Earth. It has not been an easy journey by any means. There have been times when I wanted to go back to Brazil and leave it all behind, but something magnetic, something larger than us has kept me here. Mother Nature moves me ever upward in this spiral path to spiritual evolution and unity. We are always manifesting the future through our actions and intentions in the present. This is the magical and mysterious game of existence.

No one comes to Hawaii by chance. The land calls forth who needs to be here for transformation. Trust in yourself and the process. I hope to meet you soon.

– Iris