Epic Gravel Tuscany

7 Days, Multiple Departures

Epic Gravel Tuscany
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In the heart of Val d'Orcia lies Pienza, a charming town surrounded by rolling vistas. Nearby, Montalcino is famous for its Brunello wine, and Siena boasts a captivating Gothic charm. Gaiole, known as the Eroica town, adds to the region's allure. But what truly sets Tuscany apart for gravel cycling enthusiasts is its network of strade bianche, or "white roads."

The term strade bianche originates from the dry limestone gravel that adorns these roads, creating a fine white dust that lends a unique character to the landscape. It's against this picturesque backdrop that one of professional cycling's marquee events, Strade Bianche, unfolds. Here, steep climbs and daring attacks punctuate the race, making it a spectacle to behold.

Following the success of our self-guided Bike Tour in 2021, we are delighted to introduce the guided version. This carefully curated tour incorporates sections from the Strade Bianche race and the Eroica itinerary, often intersecting with the historic Francigena path. Our Permanent Route of L'Eroica offers a year-round opportunity to experience the adventure of L'Eroica, although we offer the tour from March to November.

While the traditional L'Eroica course commences in Gaiole on the first Sundays of October, we have a special affinity for the Montalcino spring edition. Our accommodations are as diverse as the landscape: from an old convent in Pienza to a wine producer's relais in Montalcino, a villa in Siena, and even a castle in Gaiole. After epic rides, you'll find respite in the hotel pools (except in Siena), a perfect way to unwind.

This tour is designed for gravel bikes, and we offer great trekking e-bikes suitable for the itinerary. Non-riding partners are welcome too, with guided daily activities tailored for their enjoyment. Choose from our range of carbon frame GRAVEL bikes or E-bikes, including the Scott Gravel Addict 20 and the Scott E-SUB Cross 10, both perfectly suited for this adventure.

Gravel Tuscany Bike Tour's Highlights:

Traverse the iconic paths of L'Eroica, Tuscany's renowned vintage bike race.

Savor three of the region's finest wines: Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino, and Chianti Classico.

Immerse yourself in Italy's classic cycling locales as you explore the undulating white gravel roads of Tuscany, the famed strade bianche.

Enjoy a well-deserved rest day in Siena, where countless monuments transport you back in time.

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the captivating landscapes and rich history of Tuscany on our Gravel Bike Tour.

About The Host

Marco– Technical Director

I was a sound technician in Milan. My authentic passion for cycling led me to the quiet roads and rolling hills of Tuscany where I live and have been leading bike tours since my arrival. I know the region extremely well and love to share my knowledge of Tuscany’s secret corners and off-the-beaten-path places. I love solo travel with my gravel and I just back from my trip from Santiago del Chile to Buenos Aires.

Giuliana– General Manager

In my “first life” in Milan I worked in the TV industry, in the graphic area. Since I was a child I have tried to practice any kind of sport, and that has saved me! Then sport outdoors has become my must-to-do. That’s why I was so enthusiastic to move into the beautiful countryside in Val d’Orcia and take care of cycling tours full time, follow the logistics, be a bike guide, and last but not least scout new tours. I love Food & Wine and I am an official Sommelier with AIS: many wine bike tours are coming.


Things to keep in mind