Fluid Freediving Retreat in Indonesia

7 Days, Multiple Departures

Fluid Freediving Retreat in Indonesia
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These retreats were created with the concept that everyone can learn to freedive, and by doing so, can change their lives for the better. We don’t aim for depth. We don’t dive for numbers. We challenge ourselves to focus on the process of getting there. After all, we could all use a little more of this present-moment thing, right?

Join us for a week of creativity, inspiration, community, and everything wet. Sure, we freedive with the mantas, some turtles, and some super healthy reef systems - but our favorite place is in the middle of the Big Blue. Only there do we understand things a little bit more clearly. Once we have the tools, with training and dedication, we can continue to unravel these simple mysteries.

So get in touch if you want to learn new and powerful skills in a beautiful and supportive environment with a group of motivated and interesting people.

The tools we use

Our retreats are crafted around the idea that freediving is a step through the door to a more balanced and relaxed life. We combine water work with other modalities, including yoga, breathwork, meditation, and mindset training. Through these potent combinations, we give participants an arsenal of tools to take away to help them both in and out of the water.

Some of the most important topics we cover in workshops and exercises:

Techniques to help manage anxiety and stress

Breathing practices to aid in overall nervous system health

Practices to help calm the mind, priming it for sleep, meditation, or freediving

Body Awareness techniques to help cultivate a more harmonious body/mind connection

Nutritional planning to help guests balance their consumption and track their energy

The Art of Letting Go, as it relates to freediving, the mind, and the tension we hold in our body

About The Host

We specialize in beginner-level freediver training, recreational freediving, and Freedive and Yoga Retreats. Nusa Lembongan is a 25-minute fast boat ride from the busy mainland Bali and boasts an incredible variety of underwater life, healthy reef systems, clear water, and charismatic creatures, notably Manta Rays and Molas.

Come and learn the art of “underwater meditation” and combine saltwater therapy with a bit of much-deserved self-progression. Freediving provides a gentle way of looking a bit deeper into your own mind and body, while still enjoying the warm tropical water, teeming with action.