Hatha Flow And Restorative Yoga Weekend in Ireland

3 Days, Multiple Departures

Hatha Flow And Restorative Yoga Weekend in Ireland
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2 nights luxury escape from Friday to Sunday, with top class yoga teacher Margarida Tree who will teach a hatha flow yoga and also restorative yoga and meditation.

Quality Hatha flow and restorative yoga weekend

Margarida teaches a hatha flow yoga where the movements are coordinated with the breath.  She also teaches restorative yoga and breath focused meditation.

There is a nice combination of flowing hatha yoga and restorative yoga on this hatha flow and restorative yoga weekend.

Margarida teaches Hatha Yoga classes accessible for everybody offering options for modifications and support. The classes are a balance of physical postures, a combination of breathing technique and cultivating inner awareness through mindfulness of the breath, mind and body. 

She is an extremely experienced teacher and will guide each person at the level appropriate to their own body and what they need at the time.

She has found that with proper alignment for each individual and looking at chronic holding patterns of the mind, body and emotions combined with breath, the movement of Prana to help heal is readily made available. 

There is a meditation class in the morning and evening each day, and one of the benefits of our week-long retreats is that you can then take these practices home with you.

About The Host

Margarida Tree is originally from Canada, and owned and operated her yoga shala for 15 years in Florida before moving to Ireland.

She has been teaching for 28 years with a down to earth approach arising from an appreciation of both the eastern practice and the western lifestyle. Margarida makes the yoga practise accessible to everyone and encourages her students to do a consistent practice in order to improve health on a mental, physical and emotional level.

Margarida’s classes include vinyasa yoga and also restorative yoga.  Her vinyasa classes are inspired by Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and she uses a combination of ujjayi breath, the bandhas (energy locks) and Drishti (focussing one’ gaze) to bring the awareness inwards.

Our inner awareness is cultivated in the breath-focused meditation during the morning and evening meditation practice.

The Yoga Nidra is a lovely deep relaxation practice, which cultivates a gentle awareness while in a deeply relaxed state.

Margarida makes her classes suitable for all ages, and all levels of fitness.  So rest assured even if you are a complete beginner, you will be fine for these classes.

Demystifying yoga, her classes are based on the 8 limb approach of yoga.  She incorporates asana (poses), pranayama (breath) and meditation and chanting, combined with inward awareness.


Things to keep in mind