Hiking and Yoga Adventure Retreat in Peru

Nov 10 to Nov 17, 2024

Hiking and Yoga Adventure Retreat in Peru
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We will hike and explore the magnificent archaeological sites of Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu with expert local guides. We will meet and participate in activities with local musicians, artists, and healers who will share their traditions and ceremonies with our group. This is your opportunity to truly connect with Pacha Mama (Mother Earth)!


Machu Picchu:
We will spend two days exploring the famous ruins of Machu Picchu. Arriving by train from the Sacred Valley, we will explore the ruins on the afternoon of our first day and hike down with the full moon, staying in the ruins until sunset, one of the quietest times of the day. We will return early the following morning in time to witness sunrise over the ruins. Our amazing guide, Gaby, will accompany us both days, the first afternoon giving us a full tour of the central ruins with its ceremonial center, sun-dial, still functioning water channels and impressive stonework, all built in harmony with the surrounding mountains of the high jungle. On our second day we will hike some of the most famous trails at Machu Picchu, ascending the inca staircases to the top of the spectacular Huaynu Picchu, descending down inca steps and ladders to the back side of the mountain to explore the Moon Temple and circling back to the main ruins on an awe inspiring ancient trail cut right into the side of the mountain. Sacsayhuman: We will hike above Cusco to visit the zigzagging walls and impressive fortress of Sacsayhuaman where we will be introduced to some of the greatest megalithic stonework in the world. We will explore the expansive area including the carved boulders and hidden underground caves of Qenqo, and further up, a fascinating area still being excavated, known as “Temple of the Moon”. Gaby will help us understand the significance and theories about the awe-inspiring and sophisticated construction of Sacsayhuaman and beyond.

It is larger than Machu Picchu in size, but because it was discovered by the Spanish, it is not as intact as Machu Picchu. But, Pisac is well worth exploring for a full day as there is so much to see and discover including its sun temple area, vast terraces, intact water systems, hill side tombs and famous craft market. Our local guide will help us to engage and connect with our surroundings with an earth offering ceremony at a special spot high in the Pisac ruins.

High above the Sacred Valley at 12,000’ and famous for its women weavers, we will spend the morning witnessing a weaving demonstration using native plant dyes and techniques; followed by a walk and guided tour of the beautiful Chinchero ruins.

We will admire the magnificent circular terraced basins of Moray considered a sophisticated agricultural experimental center built by the ancient people who inhabited these lands, a perfect place to do a meditation before we get into the Sacred Valley.

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We provide enriching and rejuvenating adventure retreats to renew the spirit and strengthen the body. A unique and powerful approach to creating vibrant health and personal empowerment deals for women of any age, background, or athletic ability. Programs targeting the mind, body, and spirit have been developed and refined over 16 years by world champion triathlete Colleen Cannon.